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T-Mobile Sonic 4G Huawei UMG587 GSM Mobile Hotspot WiFi Wireless Router

T-Mobile Sonic 4G Huawei UMG587 GSM Mobile Hotspot WiFi Wireless Router



Brand Huawei
Model UMG587

Reviews (6.7/10 Avg. rating)

Laptop Magazine

Cheap and comes with affordable data plans, but speeds are inconsistent

from Laptop Magazine
T-Mobile's Sonic 4G is one of the most budget-friendly hotspots around, but that can't make up for its serious flaws. With download and upload speeds that ricochet from one extreme to the other and website load times that go well past the one-minute mark in some cases, we suggest consumers opt for a more consistent mobile hotspot such as the AT&T Elevate 4G or the Verizon Wireless Jetpack MiFi 4620L... Full review
PC Magazine

Feature packed with fast speeds

from PC Magazine
The Sonic 4G is the fastest T-Mobile hotspot we've tested so far. It features an OLED screen that displays a lot of useful information and can host files over Wi-Fi via its microSD slot. The ZTE is still a good mobile hotspot with longer battery life, but we give a heavier weighting to speed when judging hotspots. That makes the T-Mobile Sonic 4G our new Editors' Choice... Full review

Attractive rounded design, microSD support, and good battery life

from TechnoBuffalo

The design of the Sonic 4G makes it a delight to carry and use. I found that the mobile hotspot delivered well with my tablet and smartphone, as I don’t tend to download large files or do hugely data-intensive tasks there. However on the laptop, where I usually do more of the “heavy lifting,” the inconsistencies did become more noticeable.

If you have the funds and prize consistency/speed, I’d recommend the Verizon 4510L MiFi instead. At half the price of the T-Mobile offering, it costs less (upfront, anyway) and uses Big Red’s fast LTE network. Penn... Full review


Well-designed and reliable

from Cnet
Despite the relatively slow data speeds and the lack of an unlimited data plan, the T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot's great design, reliability, long battery life, and nifty features make it a very good mobile Internet solution. It would be an excellent one if its data plans were more affordable... Full review

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