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Includes chargeable case that gives 8 extra hours of battery life | Works with Touchless Control when paired with Motorola phones | Lasting comfort/ergonomic fit | In-Ear Sensor for Smart Call routing | Customizable to match your style

Includes chargeable case that gives 8 extra hours of battery life | Works with Touchless Control when paired with Motorola phones | Lasting comfort/ergonomic fit | In-Ear Sensor for Smart Call routing | Customizable to match your style



Brand Motorola
Model 89765N
Size 148 x 147 cm (58.3 x 57.9 in)

Reviews summary

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What's good  

  • Small, lightweight design
  • Clever carrying case/battery charger to combat small battery
  • Works with Moto Voice on Moto X

What's bad  

  • Poor audio quality and inconsistent volume
  • Does not register voice command on occasion
  • A bit uncomfortable after left in ear for several hours

For the busy banker or executive, a Bluetooth headset is practically a necessity. There are dozens of options to choose from, but many of them suffer from at least one of these issues: large size and poor audio quality. Motorola attempts to combat all three problems with their Moto Hint.

Unlike other headsets, the Hint fits entirely in the ear of the user. Of course it isn't completely invisible. Reviewers report around half of the body sticks out of the ears and find it looks very similar to a hearing aid. Thanks to its small size and lightweight (6 grams) they found it incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time, though The Verge notes, "…it occasionally did leave the same stiff soreness I get when I wear Apple's EarPods for too many hours…" Most solved the problem by simply switching to the other ear for a couple hours.

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Although it is small in size, the Hint comes packed with specs some larger headsets don't have including: a speaker, touch-sensitive panel, dual-noise cancelling microphones and an IR proximity detector. While the Hint is usable with any phone, it works best with the Moto X as it utilizes Moto Voice to interact with the phone directly. You can use the trigger phrase for your phone to "wake up" the Hint and issue commands. Of course, it does work with other phones, but you will need to tap the center of the Hint to turn it on. In terms of functionality, the Hint is only limited by what Google Now, Siri or the Motorola software can understand. This includes sending and receiving texts, managing calendars, answering and making calls and emails and searching for information. Gizmodo did notice it had problems with voice commands, adding, "…it doesn't seem to be able to hear your voice over its own sounds."

In order to keep the device as small as it is, Motorola equipped the Hint with a small 46mAh battery cell. This gave critics about three hours of talk time. To combat this, it designed the charging case into the carrying case. This, of course, means you will need to make sure you have the carrying case with you, especially when traveling. Luckily, the case itself is small and can be customized to match your earbud.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any headset is its audio quality. Unfortunately here is where it failed to impress experts. They found overall audio was muffled and unpredictable, though the majority of the time it was too quiet even at max volume. Luckily they discovered their calls were fairly clear for the receiving party.

Despite its clever and attractive design, reviewers have a tough time recommending the Moto Hint. Giz Mag states, "…the Moto Hint…[is] going to need a few upgrades and improvements before it's ready for primetime."

Reviews (6.4/10 Avg. rating)

Gdgt Arena

Pretty good when it comes to connectivity and even compatibility

from Gdgt Arena

If you’re an Android user, you’d be glad to hear that the Moto Hint offers a brilliant feature for Android. It can act as a ‘trusted device’ – meaning that you can bypass the Android Security screening while wearing it and when you’re not wearing, you’ll need to unlock it with the password, pin or pattern.

The Moto Hint isn’t very good when it comes to audio quality. The headset keeps struggling when there’s a lot of noise. If you’re planning to listen to music with the headset, then you should definitely look for some o... Full review

Mac Sources

Discreet wireless earbud

from Mac Sources
I ultimately decided to return this unit rather than exchange it so I cannot say for certain if my experiences are common or if I had a defective unit. Also, in the Moto Hint’s defense it is designed to be used primarily with the Moto X flagship phone and not an iPhone, however that is not much of an excuse since most people will not be using this headset with a Moto X... Full review

The future of Bluetooth headsets ... almost

from Gizmag
The Moto Hint seems like it could be a big step towards building the bridge to that future of more seamless, hands- and eyes-free utilitarian connection that looks cool in movies like "Her" but that many people continue to resist. Perhaps it's a good thing that we aren't all ready for this vision of the future just yet, because if the Moto Hint is going to lead the wave of wearable devices that brings it into the mainstream, it's going to need a few upgrades and improvements before it's ready for primetime itself... Full review

The future of wearable

from Wareable

We badly wanted the Moto Hint to work perfectly and if it had comprehensively delivered on the hype, we’d be hailing it as a new king of wearables. In reality, there’s still a way to go - the Hint needs a more mature voice-activated personal assistant system and simply to perform better as a Bluetooth headset. Still, this is a hugely exciting device. It’s not completely inconspicuous but it looks much cooler than any other options. When it works as promised, it’s brilliant. A must-have accessory for Moto X owners and worth the gamble for everyone else, if you’r... Full review


A good Bluetooth earbud if you have the right smartphone

from Mashable
The Hint is an interesting attempt at breathing new life into boring Bluetooth headsets. The problem is, unless you have a Moto X or Droid Turbo (phones with Moto Voice), the Hint isn't worth it; it's mostly an overpriced Bluetooth headset... Full review

It works great and is much better looking than any other Bluetooth headset

from GreenBot
You don’t have to settle for an old school, sticks-out-of-your-head Bluetooth headset. Motorola put so much thought into the Hint, from its components to how it looks, that it’s worth considering over those other alternatives. And although it’s $150 for a device with extra features that only work with certain smartphones, it works great and is much better looking than any other Bluetooth headset... Full review
The Android Anthem

Tiny yet efficient

from The Android Anthem

The Motorola Moto Hint is a very cool new bluetooth headset. The size and ease of use make it a very enticing gadget. It fits nicely in the deepest part of the outer ear and the discomfort mentioned before, truly is minimal and choosing the right rubber tip helps minimize it even more. The cost is $150. And for that fact, it wasn't the right headset for me. I used bluetooth in the car via my bluetooth stereo system. However, I think the Hint would be great for anyone who doesn't have bluetooth connection in the car already. Especially someone whose job may consist of a lot of travel.
... Full review


Finally gets it right

from Re/code
If you want a Bluetooth headset — actually, an earbud — that feels great, is usually unnoticeable, yet still looks stylish when it’s seen, the Moto Hint will be music to your ears... Full review

Manages to cram a lot of features into its micro size

from Paste

Everything about the Hint, from its size to the clever details feels like it’s a device from the future—it’s awesome. It might even be able to convince a few more people to use a hands-free solution in the car and keep everyone a little safer. The supposed integration with the Moto X, however, is terrible.

The $150 price is a little steep, but out of all the Bluetooth headset choices, it’s definitely the coolest and worth the extra money for anyone concerned about how it looks. Motorola has somehow made the Hint small enough to make Bluetooth headsets cool... Full review


A pretty slick little gadget

from Gizmodo

Should you buy it? Maybe, but there are some big ifs. If you have a new Moto X, then it's pretty cool how it can leverage Moto Voice. If you're the sort of person who uses (or wants to use) a Bluetooth headset anyway, then the tiny form factor of the Hint could definitely be very appealing. If your job/lifestyle/fetishes could really benefit from being able to interact with your phone without touching it (I don't know, maybe you're a pastry chef and you're constantly covered in flour), then, yeah, maybe. But remember, it costs $150, which is pretty steep for a Bluetooth headset.
<... Full review

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