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iPen only works on iPad, no other Android or Windows based tablets.

iPen only works on iPad, no other Android or Windows based tablets.





It’s simply too much of a love/hate item to be given a recommendation that isn’t completely subjective

from Pocketables

I’ve been thinking about exactly how to sum up the iPen and I think the best way to describe it is “not mainstream”. I like it very much, but I’ve been digital-only for so long that pen and paper almost isn’t in my vocabulary anymore. The beauty of being an early adopter and living with that choice is that each step up is indeed a step up, while others have different perspectives. The iPen is $89, which I think it’s well worth. However I also think that anyone who even considers buying this should read every comment, watch every video there is about it an... Full review

Vladimir Gorshkov

First real solution that Apple kind of ignored for years

from Vladimir Gorshkov
I think for professional artist iPen might be very specific to what they might want to do. It seems like carrying iPen with other regular iPad stylus is the way to go. For me, iPen seems like a better solution for what I wanted to do. I am excited to see other apps come on board and support iPen's SDK in the near future. These apps pledges for their support: GoodNotes App, ibisPaint app, iNoteBox HD app, iWriteNotes app, Noteshelf app, procreate app, TacticsView app, TouchDraw app and TypeG Mini app... Full review

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