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Specs / Features

Wideband audio for true-to-life conversations | Voice guide setup and pairing | Voice Dial with a simple double tap | Conference mode with True Multicall | Incoming Call Notification and Voice Answer for truly hands-free operation

Wideband audio for true-to-life conversations | Voice guide setup and pairing | Voice Dial with a simple double tap | Conference mode with True Multicall | Incoming Call Notification and Voice Answer for truly hands-free operation



Brand BlueAnt
Size 5 x 2 cm (2 x 0.8 in)

Reviews summary

Based on 7 reviews

What's good  

  • Lightweight
  • Good call volume
  • Voice controlled options

What's bad  

  • Inconsistent noise cancellation
  • Mediocre call quality
  • Inconvenient volume and power button placement

The BlueAnt Q3 Bluetooth headset is the follow-up to the popular Q2 with several notable upgrades. Like its predecessor, the Q3 is lightweight, weighing in at a mere 10 grams (0.35 ounces), and sports a curved design. Its body is made entirely of plastic and comes in either standard black or platinum. Although most experts found the device to be relatively sturdy, PCMag argues, "for a headset that looks so buttoned up, it has a surprisingly flimsy feel…[and] flexes to the touch."

In order to streamline the device, there are only three main buttons: volume, power and command. The command button allows users to speak a specific order in order to access various options for the headset. While most found the command button easy to reach, they also point out the power button and volume rocker were very small and difficult to use, especially when driving. Luckily, the headset itself does stay in place even without the ear hook though Phone Arena suggests using the optional hook as they noticed that, "it feels a bit loose without it."

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For all headsets, the most important aspect is the call quality. Sadly, it seems that the Q3 doesn't deliver on this front. While experts found the call volume excellent, voices sounded artificial and their own voices through the headset were often muffled. In busier areas, the headset didn't fare any better. While it employs two microphones for noise-cancellation, critics found the feature to be hit or miss. T3chniq didn't have any issues stating, "In all of our test calls the people on the other end could not hear any background noise…" CNET, on the other hand, says, "…callers reported that they heard plenty of distracting ambient noise…"

In general, reviewers were not overly impressed with the BlueAnt Q3. While lightweight, there are plenty of flaws in the design and call quality that left them unsatisfied. It's ok, but not the best overall bluetooth headset. ITReviews sums it up saying, "The BlueAnt Q3 is a solid…Bluetooth headset, but it doesn't offer that many significant improvements over its…competition."

Reviews (7.5/10 Avg. rating)


Gets down to business right away

from PhoneArena

Tagged as a “premium smartphone earpiece,” the BlueAnt Q3 is the furthest thing from being in the same class as other premium Bluetooth headsets. From its bland design, to the barely-there software features associated with its compatible app, there’s nothing terribly grand at $100 a pop to give the Q3 the crown in this category. In actuality, it’s more like a mid-ranger than anything else, so you’re better off investing your money on something else entirely. Nowadays, it’s undeniably tough to stand out prolifically in the Bluetooth headset arena, but when... Full review


Impressive features bogged down by lackluster call quality

from Cnet

The $99 BlueAnt Q3 Bluetooth headset is the follow up to BlueAnt's popular Q2 model . It boasts a host of premium features for hands-free calling, including an array of built-in voice commands, integration with Apple Siri and Google Voice Actions, along with dual microphones for clearer conversations. The headset is also compact and lightweight, plus it can pair with two devices at once such as phones, tablets, or PCs.

It's billed as a premium headset by its manufacturer, but $100 is a lot to pay for a smartphone accessory. It's hard to swallow the device's high price, especially... Full review


Uses the right mix of elements to give off a vibe of quality

from iLounge
In sum, BlueAnt has done a great job with Q3, except for the bugs, which now appear to be substantially if not completely addressed. On balance, we felt most comfortable issuing Q3 our strong general recommendation, which acknowledges the presence of a couple of noteworthy caveats alongside several major positives in design, audio performance, and comfort. If you’re willing to take the (decreasing) risk on its device compatibility, you’ll likely be almost entirely thrilled by Q3; we like it enough to use it with frequency... Full review

Does the job it was made for without getting in your way

from iSource

Call quality and sound production was superb. Not once (I’m on AT&T) did someone ask me to repeat what I said because of noise or wind. Not once did I struggle to hear an incoming call or navigation announcement from the phone, even when the radio was going. Those really are the key features of any headset – and the BlueAnt Q3 excelled at both.

There’s a lot to be said for having your phone in your pocket, but still being able to make/take calls, read/respond to messages, and get your directions. The BlueAnt Q3 did all of these for me while I was testing i... Full review

PC Magazine

Put forth as a high-end option but offers few refinements

from PC Magazine

The BlueAnt Q3 ($99 direct) is the company's new high-end headset offering, which seems designed to keep up with the times, rather than continue to push them forward. It's a solid Bluetooth headset, but it doesn't offer any significant improvements over the competition.

The BlueAnt Q3 is a solid Bluetooth headset with a nice range of advanced features, but many of them have been commonplace for quite some time. And at $99, the Q3 is in direct competition with some other top-performing headsets. If you're looking for something less expensive, the Plantronics M55 offers a great fit,... Full review

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