Samsung Premium Suite update adds multi-window feature to Galaxy S III

Samsung has started rolling out a new set of exclusive software enhancements to users of the Galaxy S III as part of a package it calls Samsung Premium Suite. It introduces a number of useful software tweaks that includes the much-vaunted multi-window feature to allow users true multi-tasking by letting them run two apps on the screen at the same time. It also adds contextual tagging to photos and a new feature called Page Buddy which tries to predict what a user will do next based on the most recently performed actions.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Samsung's multi-window feature on Android is one of the biggest highlights of the Android-powered Galaxy Note II.
  • Samsung Premium Suite includes other nifty add-ons like a Facebook news ticker for the lockscreen,

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In the event that you’re still rocking some slightly older Samsung hardware, you can still join in the fun… sort of. The split-screen multitasking feature was just recently cajoled to run on the Galaxy S II, and it only requires a passing knowledge of Android hackery to implement. - Chris Velazco, Mobile Crunch  
Samsung begins Premium Suite rollout for Galaxy S III  

Starting with international editions of the handset and mimicking its recent update for the Note 10.1, Samsung will be adding something called the Premium Suite Upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy S3 premium suite update caught on video  

This is a set of applications for the flagship handset that adds extra features, which weren’t available on the shipping device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite brings multi-window and Facebook on the lock screen  

Users who have upgraded to Jelly Bean on the phone should shortly be getting the Samsung Premium Suite with a bevy of enhancements.

Samsung bringing split-screen mode to Galaxy S III with Premium Suite upgrade
Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade shown off on video
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Samsung to add new features to the Galaxy S3 with its Premium Suite update  

Samsung has released a video showing a series of new features to be added to the Galaxy S3 smartphone. They will form part of the Premium Suite, which will be added when the phone is updated to Android 4.1.2 in the near future.

Samsung Shows Off “Premium Suite Upgrade, Part 1″ For Galaxy S III  

Thanks to a new video on Samsung’s Global Tomorrow website, we’re getting an early preview of exactly what Samsung has in mind for the future of their flagship smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite coming soon, shown early on video  

Samsung has announced that it will deliver a Premium Suite update to the Galaxy S III that adds new features first seen on the Galaxy Note II.

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Samsung details Premium Suite content coming to Galaxy S III (video)
Samsung Galaxy SIII Premium Suite Detailed In Video (Part 1)