While Nokia may be suffering from lower revenues, RIM is enjoying one of their best years ever as indicated in their 2009 year-end fiscal report.


Q4 figures rose 24.5% from the previous quarter, and significantly improved by 88% from the same time last year fetching RIM a total of $3.46 billion revenue. Net income for that quarter was $518.3 million. These positive figures are the result of being able to acquire 3.9 million new BlackBerry subscribers helping them garner a total of 25 million subscribers by the end of the Q4. Total revenue for the fiscal year rose by 84% to $11.07 billion from last year's $6.01 billion. This is quite an impressive feat especially considering that consumers are becoming more wary of spending, and with competition heating up from rival mobile phone manufacturers.

The first quarter for fiscal year 2010 is still ongoing and will end in May, but this early on, RIM is already optimistic of their chances for this new year. With such a remarkable performance last year, who can blame them for being positive.