Skype has just released Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows Mobile devices. Apart from bug fixes, this new iteration comes with two new features that will definitely make it a serious mobile IM/VoIP app: send and receive apps of at least 50MB in size, and SMS support. Of course, the latter isn’t free, but will allow you to send SMS messages to anywhere in the world at current prevailing Skype rates if you’re connected through WiFi. Using 3G, needless to say, will incur data charges exclusive of the Skype rates.

A video demo of Skype 3.0 Beta live in action can be found here. However, if you’re already excited to give this latest Skype version a try, you can download it from SKype's website.

With these new features bundled in Skype 3.0 Beta, it would be interesting to find out how its rival IM apps in the market will respond to this and whether or not they will likewise offer file sending/receiving support as well.