Those who own an HTC Touch Pro will be the first to get to try out the new FireFox Mobile internet browser if everything goes to plan.

According to the Mozilla Wiki page, the first week of February is the target release date of the Fennec mobile browser for the HTC Touch Pro. Other Windows Mobile devices will probably get theirs soon thereafter, but this initial release will undoubtedly be a huge milestone for the company as it's their first venture into the mobile industry. We've heard in the past that April might be the month when FireFox Mobile for Symbian comes out. That is something we'll also be keeping an eye on.

Anyway, based on their track record, there’s no reason to doubt their capability in delivering the goods. As a matter of fact, they've even managed to beat their previous estimated release date which was pegged for 2010 so there's every reason to be delighted with this early release.