To show the rest of the world that they’re in this game to win, RIM is putting together a team to work on an LTE-capable BlackBerry phone.

This is in anticipation of LTE high-speed data networks sprouting up in the near future, replacing the now standard 3G networks of today. If Motorola had it their way, we could see LTE deployment as early as 2009, though a more rational and conservative prediction points to 2011 debut. RIM, for their part, wants to assure the public that they won’t be left behind this time around, a position they found themselves in when 3G networks came around.

We've heard about plans for a 4G network from both Bell and Telus, so I guess it's only fitting that mobile phone manufacturers get busy on the handsets. Let’s hope that this isn’t just pure propaganda and that they’ll definitely have one ready when the time comes. Given RIM's reputation, I'm keeping my fingers, toes and arms crossed and praying to the high heavens that this bit of news is indeed true.