Mobile phone technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and if Ericsson AB were to be believed, we may see the dividing lines that separate cameras, computers and phones become even more blurred come 2012.

Predicting that by then mobile phones will be equipped with cameras in the 12-20 megapixel range that feature full HD video recording capabilities, showcase XGA 1024x768 screen resolution, come with a 1GHz processor and have LTE connectivity, Ericsson has set the bar quite high for the ever changing mobile phone. Given however that we may already see a 12-megapixel camera phone from Samsung next year and Japan already has an XGA 1024x768 equipped phone in the Aquos FullTouch, their prediction might not be too far off.

How about you guys? What features would you want to see in mobile phones when the year 2012 rolls around?