Best Buy Mobile has a couple of treats in store for you this month. Expect several Blackberries, an HTC and a Samsung to become available starting October 26.

The Samsung M540 will be offered via Sprint as well as the HTC Touch Pro, the Blackberry Bold will be carried by AT&T while the BlackBerry Flip 8220 will be on T-Mobile. There's also mention of the Blackberry Storm on Verizon set for a November 16th release, but I have my apprehensions on them meeting that date as the Storm's release has been pushed back several times already. This info is based on some leaked documents that was discovered some time ago outlining the release of products for the year.

Whether these phone get released or not on their respective dates is still anyone's guess, but at least we now know that there are a couple of interesting devices that will soon go on sale at Best Buy Mobile. That is good news for me.