Being a member of Open Handset Alliance, the idea of a Motorola Android-based handset isn’t that far fetched at all, but it’s chances of becoming a reality just got a whole lot bigger when news broke that they are significantly increasing the number of people they have working on the Android team.

From a measly 50 people, they are now increasing that work force to a formidable 350. I guess the folks at Motorola are quite pleased with the Android debut, and they want to cash in on some of its early success. It sure helps that it has no other direct competition at the moment apart from the iPhone and its OS and, as we all know, that's exclusive to Apple.

Hey, I sure wouldn’t mind if an Android-running Moto Q suddenly became available in early 2009, but it likewise wouldn’t be bad if a completely new handset was launched just for the Android OS. We just have to wait and see.