BGR has managed to get hold of the BlackBerry OS 5.0 for the Curve, and based on their initial impressions and from what you can see in this set of screen caps, it is a bit of a letdown in terms of eye candy, especially when you compare it to the Bold.

Nevertheless, it does incorporate some new features, such as the File application, which they've yet to discover the true function of since it's not working at the moment. Their guess is that it provides Blackberry users access to network shared files since its been a popular request over the years, but that will remain a hunch until it becomes functional and useful.

They are, however, quick to note that this is still a beta version, so further modifications will take place prior to its release. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully that day will come before the end of the new millennium.

How about you guys? Any tips or suggestions you want to throw RIM's way in order for them to improve on the BlackBerry OS?