Sure, Apple’s got that Remote app which will allow you to control iTunes using your iPhone, but what about the rest of your home appliances and electronics?

This is where the new apps premiered at CEDIA will come in. All making use of the iPhone, the various apps coming from Crestron, Lifeware, Z-Wave and Control4 give you that ability to control your home automated system remotely through WiFi. Based on our source, the one by Crestron looks to be quite promising and most developed. Aside from being completely free, it allows you to control a number of houses and rooms.

The others will either charge for their app or aren’t that well off yet. This bit of news, of course, only concerns those who own an iPhone and have a home automated system in place. Look for these apps to debut towards the end of this year.

After all that has been said about the iPhone, who would have thought that Apple’s premier mobile phone would make for a pretty expensive and handy universal remote control? I sure didn't see this one coming.