Cell phone users will now be able to access original Stephen King content via their cell phones in a deal struck by the strange bedfellows Marvel Comics, CBS Mobile and Simon and Schuster subsidiary Scribner.

These companies have worked together to produce 25 original content video installments based on "N", a previously unpublished King story. The episodes, priced at $1 dollar each, will run two minutes and can be accessed directly from a cell phone. (King fans can also access the entire series for $4 dollars during the promotion, which ends August 8). King fans click here for more information.

Two years ago Scribner sent out text messages to 100,000 cell phone users promoting the release of Kings novel "Cell", a great tie-in since the storyline dealt with how cell phones brought the end of the world.

Today, instead of bringing an ad they are bringing actual content. My how time flies when you are creating new revenue streams!