Nokia 808 PureView To Launch In India And Russia From This Month
Nokia has said that it will begin rolling out its Symbian-powered Nokia 808 PureView to “select markets” in May, initially launching the 41-megapixel handset in Russian and Indian markets. Having been unveiled in this year’s Mobile World Congress, the 808 Pureview won awards for its impressive optics and ability to capture incredible amounts of detail in its photos.
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Nokia Pureview 808

Facebook Helps Third-Party Mobile Apps Grow Today…So It Can Monetize Their Content With Ads Tomorrow
The fundamental misunderstanding of Facebook’s mobile prospects is that it’s trying to compete with iOS and Android for in-app payment revenue via HTML5. It’s not. What Facebook really wants is the content produced by apps on every platform, which it can monetize with ads. Payments revenue is a very nice bonus, but not critical. That’s why Facebook announced today that it’s making money on mobile for everyone else by pouring traffic into their apps.

Tizen 1.0 Larkspur Arrives, Fuels Your Open-Source Phone Dreams
The unveiling of Tizen left many mobile open-source aficionados wondering when the OS would reach its all-important 1.0 status. The answer is now: the coalition between Intel, Panasonic, Samsung and a raft of carriers has posted the first non-beta release in both source code and software development kit forms. The finished versions of either carry new features to reward developers for the wait.

Android And Apple Continue To Grow In Q1 As RIM And Microsoft Slide
ComScore on Tuesday announced the results of a three month study on the smartphone market in the United States. The research firm found Google’s Android operating system has continued to grow, increasing its market share from 47.3% in December to 51% in March. Apple’s iOS accounted for 30.7% of all smartphone subscribers in the U.S., an increase from 29.6% in December. Research In Motion ranked third with a 12.3% share, followed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone at 3.9% and Symbian with a 1.4% share.