iphone june 20There are two big iPhone news today. First, from MacRumors. It appears that an episode of CNBC's "On the Money" aired yesterday spilled the beans on the official iPhone release. The show even had it flash for a brief moment in bold at the bottom of the screen: IPHONE RELEASE DATE: JUNE 20TH. Why "On the Money" is so sure the iPhone will be available on that date? They called an AT&T store and someone there told them that the iPhone will be at the store on June 20 and will be available for release immediately. But no pre-orders. To watch the show and judge the officialness of the rather off-hand announcement of the show's host, go here.

The show talked about the other big iPhone news. Verizon is going to release an iPhone killer based on the LG Prada. According to the pundits appearing on the show, the LG Prada is "just a regular phone." It simply cannot compete with the technological breakthrough that is the iPhone. The LG Prada, though a touchscreen and an Phone-lookalike, is not a smart phone, while the iPhone is a technological platform for further advancements. Conclusion: iPhone is going to sell in the millions.