Aeonic Seiche WiFi Phils' has begun the testing phase of its WiFi tunnel along a part of EDSA, the Philippines' busiest thoroughfaremobile wifi. Called the Seiche Tunnel, it offers the only mobile WiFi access outside of Google's California HQ. Lincoln Che, chief executive of Aeonic, says that they have chosen EDSA in Manila, Philippines because of the famously bad traffic there.

The technology is called WiFi mesh, which "hands over" a user's connection from one WiFi spot to another without interruption. "The growing popularity and convenient mobility afforded by Wi-Fi technology makes it very ideal, especially for busy people on the go who need to stay online even when they are in transit," Aeonic Seiche president and Chief Operating Officer Dick Yu says.

Currently the Aeonic service is offering free access from Ortigas to Kamuning until the official launch on April 14. The Seiche Tunnel will blanket the 23.8 kilometers stretch of Edsa and will also cover Ayala Avenue in Makati. Every user will get 256 kbps of connection and will be available in prepaid (P200 and P350) and unlimited (850 a month) plans.