Google is now making it easier for Android users to download apps by making the Android Market now viewable online on your desktop or laptop. That’s right, folks. No need to whip out your fancy Android phone and connect to a WiFi or through 3G just to look through the various app offerings up at the Android Market. Just head on over here, and you can browse the Android Market on your PC/Mac.

Android Market Web Store

Already found one to your liking? Just click the install button and it will be installed OTA to your Android phone. It’s that easy! There’s also a My Account section at the bottom of the page wherein you can view your app purchases, and Android devices associated with your Google account.

By the end of this quarter, in-app purchases will also be available. This might not mean much for users, but is certainly a welcome development for app developers for the Android platform.

Nice move, Google. This will definitely help ramp up app sales at the Android Market.