Press photos of the Nokia X7 have just surfaced, and Pocketnow has got he full lowdown on this upcoming devices.

Nokia X7

This new Symbian^3 handset, if the carrier branding on it isn’t obvious enough, is reportedly coming to AT&T, and will be launched, not as the X7, but as the Nokia Journey. However, based on the latest news from one of Pocketnow’s sources, it won’t be happening anymore. The carrier has apparently aborted plans on launching this Finnish-made handset in the US with “nothing else…on the horizon” as far as Nokia offerings are concerned.

Nokia X7 photos

This certainly isn't good news for the handful of Nokia fan boys in the US, but there’s still hope that the Nokia X7/Journey or whatever it’ll be called will make it to Canada. As to when this might happen, we’re eying the MWC, which is scheduled to begin on February 14th, to get more information on this intriguing device.

This probably isn’t the most ideal way Nokia was hoping to kick off their 2011 campaign, but hey, we’re just in January. There’s more than enough time for Nokia to make this year a more memorable one for them.