The Motorola V551

Unfortunately, I own this phone. I didn't even pick it out. One of the imps from LockLine (the insurance company used by Cingular) sent it to me when my Ericsson T616 Broke.

Moto V551 Sucks

They said it was a better phone. They were right, it was. The T616 sucks in its own very special way.

The Motorola V551 is the brick-phone of the new mellinium.
For a clamshell, the thing is huge. It might even double as a bludgeon.

It seems to have a decent battery-- I only have to charge it every few days.

It has a camera, a video camera, Bluetooth, and all kinds of other nifty features.

So what's wrong with it?
The stupid thing has the voice quality of a communist combat radio.
The phone book set up is lame. Instead of having one name entry with a list of different numbers for one person, you have six name entries for one person. (Bob home, Bob mobile, Bob work, Bob Fax, Bob email..)

It takes forever to find an entry, if you have a couple hundred contacts in your phone book.

I suppose that's one more plus. The phone book can hold a near infanite amount of contacts.

I guess it doesn't suck that bad.

On the scale of suck, one being a dust-buster, and 10 being the black hole of suck, the Motorola V551 registers a 2.5.