Remember when cell phones were a novelty and it only cost a quarter to use a payphone?
A car phone was a status symbol. You would be driving your Toyota behind some guy in a Benz struggling to hold an eight-pound brick to his ear. You and your friends would beam in admiration: “That guy must be famous! He’s using a car phone.”

Now everyone has a cell phone. Even Fido.
More than half the nearly 300 million people in the US use a cell phone. Nearly half of all Canadians do too. Most cell phone users are between the ages of 14 and 55.firefly mobile phone for kids

It’s always cute to see a little kid talking on mommy’s cell phone, but it’s ridiculous to think that they would need one of their own, isn’t it?
Maybe not.
In the age of mini-vans and soccer moms (and dads) who busily juggle the schedules and transportation needs of 2.5 children, the cell phone has become a lifeline. No longer a luxury, but a vital tool of organization and survival for most adults. Does your child need one too?

The reality is that your seven year old has as much going on in his life as you do in yours. Sometimes soccer practice runs late. Every now and then Jenny will forget to get her toe-shoes out of the van, and suddenly remember when you are already well on your way to drop Taylor off at Karate. Wouldn't it be great if she could whip out her cell and catch you before you got too far away?

Wouldn’t it be handy if your child had his or her own phone? Don Deubler of Firefly Mobile thinks so. Most people would agree that a seven year old could not handle the responsibility of an “adult” cell phone, but would love to be able to stay in touch with their child throughout the day.

The Firefly has no conventional telephone keypad, but rather five buttons, which allow the child to answer and end a call, speed-dial mom or dad, or place a call from one of the 22 numbers in the PIN protected phone book. The phone is small, light-weight and easy for a child to grip. It has fun features like programmable ring-tones and flashing LED’s that light up when the phone rings. A built-in caller ID lets the child know who’s calling. Parents can program the phone to only accept calls from numbers in the phone book.

What fun is any cell phone without colorful and trendy accessories? You can purchase different skins, including one that glows in the dark. There is a backpack clip, a wrist pouch, hands-free headset and vehicle charger, among other things.

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