Despite not being able to match Bell’s new HSPA line-up nor offer up a more competitively priced iPhone, Telus is still in a very good position to duke it out with the big boys in Canada especially with this latest announcement. Similar to Rogers, they will soon be tossing the System Access Fees (SAF) and carrier 911 fees out the door.

telus clear choice plans

With a new set of plans dubbed "Clear Choice", Telus has included both the System Access Fee and the federal 911 fee in the advertised price. The new plans are $5 more expensive, however, as you can see, the result is you end up paying the exact amount of the plan you subscribed to. No hidden or surprise charges. In addition to being more clear and straightforward, the Clear Choice plan will also come with Voicemail in addition to standard call waiting and conference calling features.

telus clear choice

These new plans will be available to new customers beginning November 5th, the day when they will also release their iPhone offerings. Current Telus subscribers who don’t want to pay SAF and 911 fees anymore will have to ditch their existing plan and sign-up for one these new Clear Choice plans. For more info, you can check out Telus’ FAQ page.

We like where Telus is going with this as they try to offer the Canadian public with better packaged plans. Will Bell follow suit as well? Only time will tell, but with both Rogers and Telus going down the same road, it's highly possible.