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Vizio is a privately-held company that produces consumer electronics, including LCD TVs, audio/video equipment, computer monitors, mobile phones and tablets. (Production of the latter two products began in 2011).

Vizio was founded in 2002 and is based in Irvine, California. Vizio began with just three employees and $600,000, and generated over $2 billion in sales just five years later.

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Computer Shopper

Its outdated OS and slow processor limit its appeal

Vizio Tablet

from Computer Shopper

Overall, the Vizio 8" Tablet is an attractive entry-level alternative to the more mainstream Honeycomb tablets, especially compared with what's available today. It's even more attractive when you look at it from the perspective of Vizio's plans to create its own V.I.A. Plus platform and its future integration with the company's other entertainment devices. At face value, the Vizio 8" Tablet is a good deal. But even though it's superior to its immediate competition, it's still an outdated Android tablet. Until Vizio fleshes out the rest of its V.I.A. Plus ecosystem and upgrades the operating... Full review


Thick, heavy and perfect as a couch tablet

Vizio Tablet

from Gizmodo
It's cheap, for an Android tablet. $300! Unfortunately, there's just a lot of better stuff out there. The upcoming Kindle Fire is going to be only $200 and well, it's going to be way better. If you reeeeally wanted a tablet with remote control features, the Sony Tablet S has the same IR blaster but it's much faster and more palmable.. Full review
PC Magazine

It's not powerful enough to compete with the best tablets out there

Vizio Tablet

from PC Magazine
The Vizio Tablet gets big points for being something different, and for adding functionality—a universal remote—that’s legitimately unique in the tablet space. But the tablet simply doesn’t perform well enough to measure up to its tablet competitors... Full review
Laptop Magazine

It's held back by sluggish performance

Vizio Tablet

from Laptop Magazine
Among Android tablets, Vizio's 8-Inch Tablet is worth a look if you want a slate that can control your home theater. However, the design and performance of this device leave something to be desired. It's a little more money, but we prefer the Acer Iconia Tab A100, which offers better performance, Android Honeycomb, and a back-facing camera in a lighter, more attractive package... Full review

A pleasant surprise at a value price

Vizio Tablet

from PCWorld
The Vizio VTAB1008 is neither sleek nor cutting edge, but it is usable. The universal remote feature, while not best implementation I've seen of this feature, is a compelling extra not found on most rival tablets. If you're constrained by a tight budget, like the idea of a universal remote, and want a tablet yesterday, the Vizio tablet is worth a look. How long you'll be satisfied with it will depend in large measure on how Google handles Ice Cream Sandwich... Full review
Android Central

It's very well made, and while the software is a bit odd feeling, on the whole it peforms well

Vizio Tablet

from Android Central

I'll cut right to the chase -- this thing is less than $300.  If you are expecting something on the level of the Xoom or the Tab 10.1, you'll be disappointed.  On the other hand, tablets in this price range aren't exactly spectacular, and the Vizio stands head and shoulders above most.  Go into the purchase with the right expectations, and I think you'll be pleased.  It's very well made, and while the software is a bit odd feeling, on the whole it preforms well.  For the kids, or the less technically inclined parents in your life, this would be a great choice, and a... Full review

Mobile Tech Review

It's relatively user friendly as Android tablets go

Vizio Tablet

from Mobile Tech Review
Advanced Android users likely won't be as enamored with Vizio's UI simplifications, but they'll likely find a way to root the tablet and tweak it to their needs. That said, the hardware features and specs won't win over geeks who want the fastest CPU, cutting edge display technology and lots of internal storage... Full review

It lacks the grace, speed, and features of today's best tablets

Vizio Tablet

from Cnet
Vizio deserves credit for branching out of its comfort zone and delivering an affordable tablet with plenty of unique attributes. Unfortunately, the Vizio Tablet's best features still aren't compelling enough for us to ignore its heft, mediocre speed, and poor viewing angles. As Android 2.3 tablets go, the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is still the one to beat, though the prices of Android 3.0 tablets are getting lower every week... Full review

Decent tablet, awesome TV remote control

Vizio Tablet

from Liliputing
It sounds like the Vizio Tablet might be a good deal if you’re looking for a device that will let you surf the web, play games, and control your TV. But if you’re looking for a general purpose tablet you could probably do better... Full review

Overall build and look is solid and slick

Vizio Tablet

from SlashGear
The Vizio Tablet will be a great choice for many general consumers. It’s currently selling for $284.99, which is an excellent price for what it has to offer, especially to the first-time tablet buyer on a budget. With affordability and a broader audience in mind, Vizio made design decisions that reflect a focus on functionality, sacrificing mainly specs that shouldn’t bother most consumers while adding other unique features that enhance the overall experience... Full review

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