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Worthy of consideration as an entry-level entry into the world of tablets

Amazon Fire (2015)

from Notebookcheck
Considering what the Fire Tablet (2015) sells for, it definitely has its appeals. The build quality is decent, the IPS panel features great viewing angle stability and the color accuracy is acceptable as well. The purchase prise is unrivaled, as it is incredibly low. The battery life is sufficient, even though other entry-level tablets last longer than the Kindle - sometimes significantly so... Full review
PC Advisor

The best budget tablet you can buy, as long as you can live without Google

Amazon Fire (2015)

from PC Advisor

It's certainly not perfect, and the lack of Google apps will still put some people off, but the Fire is excellent value at under £50. The latest Fire OS is so Android-like that it's easy to use, and the Fire for Kids app makes it possible to limit what you kids can do and how long they can use the tablet. For some people it's well worth paying double for the Kids Edition version as you get the bumper case and the great warranty. There are some sore points: the poor cameras, the sluggish performance at times, and the long charging time. But at this price it's hard to complain. And you... Full review

The Wirecutter

Amazon-powered media tablet

Amazon Fire HD 8

from The Wirecutter
Most people use tablets for streaming video, browsing the web, and reading. The Amazon Fire HD 8 excels at all three. It uses Amazon’s services, not Google’s, which means no Google Play Store or Google apps by default (though you can add them, with effort, if you’re technically inclined). A $90 tablet still involves a lot of compromises, but Amazon has refined its tablet formula over the years. Despite a low-end, quad-core processor and only 1.5 GB of RAM, the tablet still manages solid performance for basic tasks... Full review

Decent option for light personal use

Amazon Fire HD 8

from TabletPCReview
Despite its sub-$100 price, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is a decent option for people looking for a budget tablet for light personal use. The screen is large enough for ebooks and video, and this model makes a good choice for Amazon Prime subscribers, especially given its immense battery life... Full review

Affordable respectable, performance

Amazon Fire HD 8

from Recombu
If you’re after a simple and affordable family tablet boasting fast access to all of your Amazon Prime content, then the All-New Fire HD 8 tablet is a worthy purchase. The hardware is basic but backed up by lots of great software features, and the sub-£100 price point makes it easy on the wallet... Full review

Not the slickest thing, but great for kids and parents

Amazon Fire HD 8

from Alphr
The Fire HD 8 isn’t the slickest tablet around. Its camera is a bit naff, it isn’t particularly quick and it feels a touch on the cheap side, but for £90 the rest of it isn’t half bad. For media streaming and web browsing, it’s great, the battery life is exceptional, and I really like Amazon’s family-orientated Fire OS software... Full review
Laptop Magazine

Fantastic battery life, decent performance, bright display, great value

Amazon Fire HD 8

from Laptop Magazine
Amazon took last year's Fire HD 8, fixed its performance issues and added three more hours of battery life. Not only is it arguably the best mid-size Amazon tablet, but the company's decisions to cut the price and double its storage make it an even more alluring purchase... Full review

A cheap tablet that's actually good

Amazon Fire HD 8

from Cnet
The bottom line is that if you are a Prime user, the 2016 edition of the HD 8 is a great value -- and an excellent option for kids who don't really need an expensive iPad. (Amazon offers extensive parental controls.) Despite its middling display, you just won't find a tablet with these features and performance at this price point... Full review
Expert Reviews

A great budget tablet

Amazon Fire HD 8

from Expert Reviews
Despite its shortfalls, Amazon’s latest Fire HD 8 tablet is quite the tablet. At just £90 for the basic 16GB version, its excellent battery life, superb build quality and decent performance make it a great choice for those looking to save a bit of money, and it’s a particularly good choice for kids. It has its shortcomings, but at this price, you’d be hard-pushed to find a better value Android tablet for less. It wins a Recommended award... Full review
The Inquirer

Cheap and almost cheerful entry-level tablet

Amazon Fire HD 8

from The Inquirer
With middling performance and a somewhat dated specs sheet, the Fire HD 8 is not a tablet to be taken too seriously. It certainly won't keep Apple or Samsung awake at night, but with its family-friendly credentials maybe that was never the intention... Full review

Surprisingly great

Amazon Fire

I purchased the phone strictly for development reasons with no plans to activate it. Based on pre-release reviews and comments, I expected a gimmicky phone. The first day or so, I just played around with the features, some seems strong while other seemed gimmicky. On the third day, I actually set... More
I purchased the phone strictly for development reasons with no plans to activate it. Based on pre-release reviews and comments, I expected a gimmicky phone. The first day or so, I just played around with the features, some seems strong while other seemed gimmicky. On the third day, I actually set the phone up completely all my accounts and apps. That's when the phone really came a live. The homescreen carousel works great for multitasking and showing recent activity within an app and shortcut widgets to app specific tasks. I love that each individual GameCircle app has homescreen details on accomplishments. I find myself using the phone one handed, utilizing the phone motions to slide in menus and settings shade. These features in the first few days seemed gimmicky but I actually found myself using and preferring them because they provide easier one-handed interactions. I could go into a ton more details, solid hardware, great case, etc. But the best summary is simply to say, I gave my iPhone to my daughter because I now plan to actually activate the Fire phone. Less

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