Tablet Flex - Tier 1 (full upfront)

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Estimated cost per month with taxes and fees

What you'll get

Long distance included
Unlimited evenings and weekends
Free incoming calls

Complete details
Plan Overview
Plan Payment Type Postpaid
Individual / Shared Plan Individual
Business Plan No
Number of Lines 1
Calling Area Nationwide
Contract Length Month to month
Fee $20.00 per month
Additional Line Fee
Emergency Access Fee / e911
Other Service Fees (System Access, GRRF)
Activation Fee $15.00
Security Deposit Yes
Available in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, PEI, Quebec, Saskatchewan
Early Cancellation / Termination Fee $100.00 or $20.00 per month for each month remaining in the contract to a maximum of $400.00, whichever is greater
Voice Minutes
Anytime Minutes
Additional Line Minutes
Billing Increments Minute
Evening / Weekend Minutes
Evening / Weekend Time Period
Early Evenings
Free Incoming
Calling Between Plan Members
Mobile-to-Mobile (Same Network)
Favourite Numbers (My5, etc.)
PTT / Push-To-Talk
Bonuses Get access to Tablet TV for 2 months
Messaging & Data
Text Messages (SMS)
Sent -
Received -
Sent (to the US) -
Sent (Internationally) -
Picture Messages (MMS)
Sent -
Received -
Sent (to the US) -
Sent (Internationally) -
Video Messages (MMS)
Sent -
Received -
Sent (to the US) -
Sent (Internationally) -
Data Usage
1 GB included
Instant Messaging -
Social Networking -
Long Distance & Roaming
Long Distance
To the US -
Using Your Phone In The US
Long Distance
Within the US -
To Canada -
Text Messages (SMS)
Sent -
Received -
Picture Messages (MMS)
Sent -
Received -
Video Messages (MMS)
Sent -
Received -
Data Usage
Basic Voicemail
Enhanced Voicemail
Visual Voicemail
Call Waiting
Call Display
Name Display
Who Called / Missed Call SMS
Call Forwarding
Conference Calling
No Answer Transfer
Talkspot / Hotspot
Detailed Billing
Paper Billing
411 Directory Assistance
Roadside Assistance
Parental Control
Insurance Protection
Video Calling
Mobile TV Not included
GPS Navigation
Additional Information With this option, you pay the full cost of your tablet upfront, plus taxes and other applicable charges
Feature(s) Included
Optional Feature(s) Included
Service Area / Coverage View Map
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