Specs summary


The Sony Xperia U's screen is 3.5 inches with 480 x 854 pixels resolution.


There is a STE U8500 Dual Core 1 GHz processor (CPU).


The phone runs on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread (Update Available: 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system (OS).

5+ MP
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 5+ megapixel camera. There is also a secondary front facing camera with VGA (640 x 480) resolution.
4 GB

Internal memory is 4 GB. No external card slot is available for expansion.


The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), 1320 mAh battery. Sony's performance ratings are 11 days standby time, 396 minutes (2G), 336 minutes (3G).

The Xperia U is Sony's best entry-level device to date and proves that the more mature Android gets the better it will cater all markets.

- Daniel Bader , Mobile Syrup 

The Xperia U is so comfortably ahead of similarly priced smartphones that it's one of the easiest to recommend.

- GSMArena team , GSMArena 

Reviews summary

Based on 16 reviews

An Android smartphone doesn’t need to have the fastest processor, the largest touchscreen display, or the fastest mobile data speeds in order to be great. It just has to offer the right combination of hardware and software features at a price that won’t break the bank. That’s essentially what the Sony Xperia U is all about. It’s a phone that doesn’t look like much but actually packs quite a punch. As most reviewers have pointed out, it’s one of the best models available with Android in its price range.

While it may look small in comparison with today’s latest flagship smartphones, it actually ships with a high quality color display. It uses a 3.5-inch 480x854 panel that works with a built-in ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the built-in backlighting. Its other hardware features include a 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash, 512MB of RAM, 4GB internal storage, and a dual-core processor clocked at a speedy 1GHz.

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As a phone, it comes fitted with support for quad-band GSM/tri-band UMTS networks and HSDPA data. It also has Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, GPS with A-GPS, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and microUSB connectivity. And comes with a few nifty extras, too. Most notably, it has a white strip near the bottom below its touchscreen display that lights up to notify users of certain events. For the most part, this LED notification bar is useful, but some users have complained that it can be annoying.

If that doesn’t sound like such a big deal to you, then you’ll find that this phone is very good for the price.

Need to Know: Sony Xperia U

1. High quality touchscreen display. (The Good)

2. Good camera performance. (The Good)

3. Ships with an older version of Android. (The Bad)

4. Built-in LED notification bar may seem like a gimmick. (The Bad)

Reviews (7.6/10 Avg. rating)


Great perfromance for a budget phone with surprisingly stylish and well built

from TrustedReviews
The Sony Xperia U isn’t perfect but then what phone is for little over £150? It’s compact yet has a screen large enough for core smartphone duties, it’s fast thanks to a dual-core processor and it’s just plain easy to use. An easy recommendation for anyone looking for a phone on a budget... Full review
Fone Arena

Good performance, great hardware design and an above average camera

from Fone Arena
The Xperia U handily surpasses its competition but has some shortcomings due to which we can’t give it full marks. The 3.5″ display is particularly small and the 16:9 ratio of the screen makes it hard to type. If you can deal with that, the display quality is top-notch.The design is great and while on the flamboyant side, the transparent bar with LED highlights definitely looks cool. The Xperia U is a really good buy. Recommended... Full review
The Verge

An Android device that offers solid performance and doesn't break the bank

from The Verge

The Sony Xperia U surpasses the similarly-priced competition in many ways. A 3.5-inch screen definitely isn't for everyone — at least at this aspect ratio — but apart from its size it's a premium display. In fact, virtually every area of the phone is endowed with features and finish that belong on a far more expensive device. It's not all perfect though — for one, its slightly-awkward, gimmicky design holds it back; Sony's NXT series ID doesn't quite translate to the U's tiny footprint, and its LED band is likely to annoy far more people than it will amuse. There's also the matter of... Full review

This review is really good! I will consider this phone

A small phone with good set of specs

from Coolsmartphone
If you are looking for a small phone but want a good set of specs from a well known company and don’t want to spend a fortune then the Xperia U is worth looking at, but if you are after the latest phone with the most up to date version of Android, Sony might not be for you... Full review
PC Advisor

For the price you get a capable handset providing higher performance than some more expensive rivals

from PC Advisor
The Xperia U is one of the best smartphones we've seen for under £200. For this price you get a capable handset providing higher performance than some more expensive rivals – all with a fantastic screen and a two-day battery life. The phone's maind downfalls are limited storage and old software, although this should be updated one day... Full review

The Xperia U is decent, but we can’t look past its two glaring issues

from SlashGear

The Xperia U is decent, but we can’t look past the two glaring issues. The first is the screen: maybe we’re nitpicking, but we wouldn’t be able to live with it for an extended period of time without becoming extremely irritated. Secondly, the omission of a microSD card slot, especially with the limited internal storage space, is a crying shame. Everyone may be quick to promote the cloud for content storage, but high-speed internet isn’t as ubiquitous as some may think.

What saves the phone is the price: there’s really not much else out there at this price bracket that combin... Full review

Expert Reviews

A satisfying phone to hold and use

from Expert Reviews
It's hard not to like the Sony Xperia U. It's well made, compact and fast, with a great screen and impressive camera, at least in daylight. It should also be upgraded to Android 4.0 in the next few months... Full review

It has all the speed, power and features of the larger Android models that cost two or three times as much

from TechRadar

If you're not caught up in today's obsession with enormous display sizes, the Sony Xperia U is a great choice of smartphone.

It has all the speed, power and features of the larger Android models that cost two or three times as much - your only compromise here is seeing it all through a smaller display.

The only noticeable weaknesses here are the phone's video performance, which is terrible despite the 720p claim, and the lack of onboard storage space.

If you can live with those niggles, this does everything else just as well as the high-end Android flagship handsets. And t... Full review


Snappy and responsive

from NDTV
Sony Xperia U is an interesting handset. If you can live with 8GB of memory with no expansion, this is a good Android smartphone to look out for. However, the competition around is quite tough and you might want to consider HTC One V for ICS goodness before you actually zero in on Xperia U... Full review

A flawed genius and an accumulation of drawbacks prevent it from being a must buy

from tech2

If the dual core processor had got you excited during the launch, chances are high that you’ve already purchased this device. But, that’s not the whole story. For a grand more, you get the HTC One V, which may have a slower processor on paper, but you won’t be able to tell the difference - as both are equally fast (or slow, for that matter). The One V had the better (and bigger) display, a better camera and came with ICS on board. The cons list for this device includes a poor speaker and earpiece, no expandable memory, no 1080p support, software issues and a poor battery life. The Xpe... Full review

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