Specs summary


The Pantech Crossover's screen is 3.1 inches with 320 x 480 pixels resolution.


There is a 600 MHz processor (CPU).


The phone runs on the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system (OS).

3+ MP
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 3+ megapixel camera. There's no secondary front camera.
512 MB

Internal memory is 512 MB. An external, MicroSD (up to 32 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.


The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), 1500 mAh battery. Pantech's performance ratings are 15 days standby time, 300 minutes (3G).

The Pantech Crossover has plenty to offer the budget-minded Android smartphone shopper on AT&T, although we would have liked to see a more responsive screen and faster CPU.

- Jamie Lendino , PC Magazine 

Reviews summary

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There aren’t a lot of budget-friendly Android smartphones on the market with built-in QWERTY keyboards. Most of the ones that do have QWERTY keyboards don’t come with built-in touchscreen displays as well. That’s where the Pantech Crossover comes in, as it features not only a 3.1-inch touchscreen display for input, but also a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that should make typing out long e-mails or text messages a piece of cake.

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The Crossover carries modest specs. As mentioned earlier, it has a built-in 3.1-inch touchscreen display which has a native resolution of 320x480 pixels. It’s also equipped with a 600MHz processor and 512MB of RAM, which together handle the default operating system, Android 2.2 Froyo. Other hardware features include a 3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth with A2DP, GPS with A-GPS, microSD card support, and microUSB connectivity.

AT&T definitely has a wide range of Android smartphones in its stable. But few are as rugged-looking as this one. At 146 grams and 14mm thick, it’s certainly quite hefty. But then again, thanks to its chunky design, it manages to pack a high-capacity 1500 mAh Li-Ion battery. It may not be as tough as any true rugged smartphone, but based on looks and physical attributes alone, this phone should be able to withstand more than its fair share of abuse. And that’s a good thing, especially since the default software may be a bit lacking.

Need To Know: Pantech Crossover

1. The combination of a touchscreen display and full QWERTY keyboard makes navigation and user input trouble-free. (The Good)

2. Very affordable through AT&T. (The Good)

3. Has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. (The Good)

4. Default software is outdated and probably won’t be updated to much later versions of Android. (The Bad)

Reviews (6.5/10 Avg. rating)


Terrible multimedia capabilities

from PCWorld
As with other entry-level Android phones, with the Pantech Crossover you really get what you pay for. Sluggish performance, subpar call quality, and horrific audio playback make this phone a tough sell. If you have a text-happy teenager who doesn't use apps and who already owns a stand-alone MP3 player, this phone will be suitable. For everyone else, any phone on our Top AT&T Phones chart will be much better... Full review
PC Magazine

It has plenty to offer budget-minded Android smartphone shoppers

from PC Magazine
AT&T has no shortage of Android smartphones available, but the Pantech Crossover is different. It features a distinctive design, a durable hard plastic body, and a very usable QWERTY keyboard. It's also quasi-rugged; Pantech calls it "sporty," though it doesn't meet any military specifications for durability. That said, it's well made, and a good choice for butterfingers and the accident-prone. But the Crossover also lags the competition in several key areas... Full review
Android Central

A nice device for the low-end market

from Android Central

The Pantech Crossover is, without a doubt, one of the more unique Android phones on the market right now. That being said, unless you're absolutely dying for one of it's features (like the slide-out keyboard), I'd move along.

It's not that the Crossover is a bad phone, per se. It performs well and would probably be sufficient for a non-power user. It's just the idea that I feel like the Crossover is at it's end of life before it's ever really started.

Launching with the specs of not only yesteryear, but the inception of Android phones seems like a questionable decision... Full review


Those who are more into the outdoors lifestyle will most likely spring for the Crossover

from InfoSync

Pantech's first Android phone is a solid choice. Its polished, unconventional interface was welcomed and its modest processing guts surprised us with a snappy performance. We liked the octagonal, sporty design, in addition to the full QWERTY keyboard.

A phone like the Crossover will be reliable, offer a stellar battery life, and excel when it comes to calling and texting. We saw the full Google support and 3D gaming capabilities as a bonus, based on the phone's classification, and it should give models like LG's Phoenix, Optimus S and Vortex runs for their money.

Howev... Full review

Android Community

A decent well-designed device

from Android Community
A solid little phone on AT&T running Android for those who are looking to first get into smartphones on the Android wave. That’s what we’ve got here. Pantech have come out swinging very small, soft fists, but given that this device is generally decent, we look forward to their next move. The Pantech Crossover is a good looking device, and it’s certainly apparent that the industrial designers behind the form knew exactly what they were doing: with materials, with placement of interactive elements, with color, with everything... Full review

The perfect go-to device for those who are curious about moving into the smartphone game

from PhoneArena

No longer a bystander as other manufacturers set the bar with their line of smartphones, we’re actually happy to see Pantech finally making that leap of faith by jumping into this competitive market. By no means does the Pantech Crossover come off as a high caliber Android smartphone, but taking its affordable pricing and performance into consideration, it’s a reasonable start for a company known to make excellent feature phones. At $69.99 on-contract, it’s not going to break the bank, but even better is the fact that it provides an acceptable Android experience that&rsquo... Full review


A well-built entry-level Android smartphone for AT&T customers who want a physical keyboard

from Cnet
The Pantech Crossover's small screen is not ideal for viewing Web pages or watching video, but the phone more than makes up for it with basic smartphone features and a great physical keyboard. The Pantech Crossover is also one of a few Android phones for AT&T to have a decent keyboard, and it's affordable at only $69.99 with a new two-year service agreement... Full review
Phone Scoop

It combines the right mixture of features, design, and price

from Phone Scoop

It's hard to bash the Crossover. It's a good, middle-of-the-road Android smartphone. My chief concerns are the inconsistent call quality and slow-ish data speeds. On most other points, the Crossover hits the mark. Battery life is good, the hardware is mostly good (save for its slipperiness), and it certainly looks appealing.

The music and video players do a fine job, even though there's no way to purchase content from the handset. The camera lives up to the mid-range status of this handset, with average results. The user interface is typical Android, but the few extras, such as t... Full review


A simple low-end Android phone

from Engadget

All in all, the Pantech Crossover is exactly what it sets out to be, a simple low-end offering on AT&T's Android lineup. It's doesn't pretend to be a significant flagship phone, nor should it. It was a satisfying experience when we realized that we weren't looking at the next Nexus, Atrix 4G, or anything of the sort, and set our expectations accordingly. The Crossover is the best option AT&T has for an Android with a full physical QWERTY keyboard, which doesn't say much given its void of devices in this category. It performs well as long as it's not pushed too hard, and we had a won... Full review

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