We know we talk A LOT about keeping your accounts secure here at The Informr, but as more of our life shifts to the cloud and onto our devices, so does the opportunities for people to do things with that information. To help with that, LastPass is allowing free syncing of passwords stored in their service with unlimited devices--include Android and iOS devices.

We have a feeling that’s going to shift up our rankings on our Best Password Manager Apps list real soon. Better still, maybe it’ll convince some other apps out there to free up some features!

If you’re still gambling on whether your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to explode, Samsung’s officially rolling out updates in Europe to limit battery life to a safe threshold--roughly 60%. They did this in Korea near the first wave of recalls, but we hadn’t seen any further news. This wider patch release might indicate Note 7 owners in the US and Canada could be seeing a patch soon too!



We like to think our newsletter makes it easy to keep up with mobile technology trends, but what do you do with all the other links, sites, articles and new releases you stumble across throughout your day? Pocket is a service that makes it simple to store and categorize virtually anything you run across online and read it when it’s convenient. Everything you save using their mobile app, website or browser add-ons are synced so you can read when, where and how you want. For more on the app’s features, check out this piece from Fast Company.



Sure--you probably have an alarm app on your mobile phone. But then keeping it by the bed to wake you means inevitable distractions or notifications you really don’t want at 3 AM. The Cloudiss is a stylish piece of kit that solves that problem. You still get all the convenience of an app-powered alarm but in an accessory that pairs with your phone. We think it looks way cooler than most bedsides alarm clocks out there too!

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones


If you’re still twitching about the lack of headphone port on the latest iPhone, the latest release in the Beats series should help! While some companies are trying to get rid of wires entirely, these still sport the classic wire between the earbuds. However, they feature quick charging, sweat and dust resistance and contoured earhooks to ensure they’re ready to go whenever and wherever you need them.

Our Kids’ Data Usage is Killing Us


While data keeps getting faster, it’s still expensive! While this article from Get Rich Slowly is geared toward parents, it offers great tips anyone can use to both manage the amount of data your mobile device is tearing through and the costly bills at the end of the month. Paired with our Complete Guide to Mobile Data Savings, you can squeeze a little more room into the budget for the holiday season!

Colony Organizer


Matching the minimalistic look of today’s mobile devices, we fell in love with the look of this device organizer the moment we saw it. While it’s simple, we liked the departure from plastic and metal to something a bit more warm and organic. Not to mention, it should be super rugged. While it’s designed for use with iOS devices, we think with a pair of angled microUSB cables, it would suit many Android devices too!

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