Just a few days ago, Qualcomm announced the first modem with 5G support! As if we didn’t have enough trouble hitting our data caps too quickly, the initial tests for their hardware are showing a blazing peak speed of 533Mbps. That means I could blow through my 10GB monthly data bucket in 2.5 minutes! Ouch! Makes those unlimited plans look even more tempting…

Speaking of unlimited plans, the FCC has fined T-Mobile $48-million for throttling plans advertised in 2015 as unlimited. If you were affected by throttling on their earlier unlimited plans, you might have some extra data or discounts coming your way!

See you soon!

Luna Launcher


Luna Launcher App Screenshots

While there’s a few kid-focused smartphones out there, many of them severely limit features. Luna Launcher takes a different approach allowing you to set extensive parental controls. You can also chain together commands to create one-button shortcuts for common tasks like “Call Mom” or “Search for Pocoyo on YouTube.” If your kids frequently borrow your phone or tablet to play games, this looks like a great way to establish boundaries and introduce controls without having to buy a specialized device.

We’re Addicted to Our Phones and It Might Not Be Our Fault


Group of People Staring at Their Phones

While you might joke with your friends or family about being addicted to your smartphone, studies suggest that the mobile addiction is very likely real. Worst still, app designers and marketing teams are designing things to further entice you to keep checking in… and checking in… and checking in. This article from Hustle breaks down some startling statistics and offers a glimpse at some of the groups working to ensure the mobile world is a more attention-friendly place.

Gryphon Family-Friendly Wi-Fi Router


Gryphon Router sitting on Bookshelf

Mixing the on-demand access and ease-of-use of a mobile app with a router, Gryphon has created the first smart router designed to help people keep kids safe while online. From time limits and bandwidth meters to blacklisting and keyword filtering, this router does everything your home router can do and then some. But the thing that has us excited is the smartphone app. No more remembering passwords or addresses. Need to change a setting? Tap the app and go to town! We’re excited to see how this product turns out!

Nomad Rugged Cables


Nomad Rugged Cables Looped on Table

Using high-end materials--such as kevlar and nylon--with reinforced construction, Nomad has created a military spec charging cable ready to keep your device connected and juiced up anywhere you can take it. They even include an in-line 2350mAh battery pack for topping off charges on long adventures. Cables include Lightning, USB Type C and MicroUSB tips so you won’t have to carry an army of cords to charge each device you own. Best of all, there’s a 5 year guarantee!



Klikr Product Image with App Screenshot

Smart devices are cool and all, but what those of us still rocking our “dumb” ones want to be able to control things with our phones? Meet Klikr! These Bluetooth powered IR repeaters will let you control virtually anything that uses a remote control--from the air conditioner to the stereo. You can even customize the controls for each device to fit your preferences and ensure simple operation. While you won’t be able to get a text message when your coffee is ready or start the wash from work, Klikr can add convenience to daily living without replacing expensive electronics or appliances.

UO Smart Beam Laser-Focusing HD Projector


UO Smart Beam Projector Product Image

Capable of projecting an image up to 150”-diagonal, this palm-sized 720p projector is one of the first to include laser-assisted autofocus that is safe for the eyes. That means the kids can watch movies from their tablets in movie mode without worrying about their sight! Capable of up to 2 hours on a single charge, the projector includes a 4,200mAh battery so you don’t have to worry about it leeching off your phone or tablet. There’s even a built in speaker for standalone use!

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