As you've no doubt heard, it's been a rough couple weeks for two of tech's biggest brands.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 wowed reviewers but is now facing a recall due to exploding battery issues.

And while Apple’s iPhone 7 launched without a hitch, the upgrade to iOS 10 is causing all kinds of issues including bricked devices and horrible battery life.

We hope your week is going much better. Enjoy our latest Mobile Tech picks!

The Liquor Cabinet


The Liquor Cabinet App Screenshot

With the holiday season closing in, you’ll probably be entertaining family and friends more often. The Liquor Cabinet is an awesome iOS-exclusive app for crafting expertly balanced cocktails. When those awkward family gather moments arise, its trivia tidbits about the history of the world’s most famous drinks can also help you find conversation topics!

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera


Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera Product Image

GoPro isn’t the only name in high-end action cameras anymore! With built-in GPS tracking, live YouTube streaming, voice controls and a waterproof housing, Garmin’s entry into action cams is a compelling alternative to the market standard.

Why You Should Charge Your Phone When It Hits 50 Percent


Battery Charging Indicator

Turns out that the much-touted advice of running your battery out before recharging isn’t the best practice after all. This article from does a great job of explaining the science behind finding the charging sweet spot without getting too techy. Not near a power outlet enough to keep your phone above half charge? Our battery pack summaries can help!

Bluelounge CableYoYo


Bluelounge CableYoYo Product Image

Ever see something so simple yet so awesome you wished you’d invented it? The CableYoYo has us all envious here. No more magnetic holders and quick unspooling forever solve the problem of pulling a knotted monstrosity out of your bag or pockets.

Axum - World's Best True Wireless Sport Earbuds


Axum Earbuds Next to iPhone

Waterproof, completely wireless and adjustable for a secure fit, the Axum Wireless Sport Earbuds offer a sweat-proof audio experience for those with active lifestyles. The magnetic charging case is particularly cool--offering 4 hours of power with a simple slotted design. Add in AptX support for the best bluetooth audio quality possible and you’re ready to dominate your workout sessions!

Astell & Kern XB10


Astell & Kern XB10 Product Image

Seems a lack of headphone jack might become a trend with flagship phones. If you’re looking to plug headphones worth listening to into your new phone, the XB10 is here to save the day! This pocket-friendly DAC offers AptX HD support and convenient controls--all in a little pod that lets you enjoy the freedom of wireless audio with the quality of your favorite cans. It even has a built-in microphone to let you take calls while you jam!

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