One Big Thing


One Big Thing App Screenshots

It seems each new productivity tool touts more complexity and even more features. Yet, it’s proven that humans are horrible at multitasking. One Big Thing is an iOS-exclusive app to help you create a focused set of tasks revolving around the one big thing you want to get done today. We think it’s a refreshing take on getting things done in the digital age.



Whyd Speaker Product Image

Voice controls are cool. But why do so many voice-controlled things feature speakers that sound like your grandma’s answering machine? Whyd is a beast of a 360-degree speaker--five of them actually--with voice controls to help you enjoy your media without the fuss of menus and interfaces. It also supports bluetooth, AirPlay and Wi-Fi streaming for when you want to crank tunes from your phone.



RunGo App Screenshot

We’ve shared apps in the past few newsletters to help you get out and explore the world around you. Here’s one that helps you exercise and take in the sights at the same time! Geared more towards a brisk jog or run than a leisurely stroll, RunGo combines the data tracking of a fitness app with the turn-by-turn navigation of a GPS. Add in suggested routes from users and sightseeing routes and you’re ready to take on the road!



Estream Product Image

External battery packs and solar chargers are so 2010--check this out! It’s a hydroelectric generator that fits in your travel pack. This sounds like a great way to enjoy nature without giving up those tech comforts of daily living. It even doubles as a lantern! We definitely see this adding some fun to our next camping adventure.

Samsung Galaxy Gear S3


Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Classic

It’s taken how long for us to finally get a smartwatch that looks like a watch?! While smartwatches might still have a questionable future, we’ve got to give Samsung credit on this latest release. From the rotating bezel controls to the sleek look, we hope this will be the device that helps get these devices into the mainstream market.



Omnicharge Product Image

Dubbed “the ultimate battery pack” by Mashable, the Omnicharge packs a whole lot of power into a flexible little package. Starting at 13600mAh this little pack can charge even the explosively powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 7 almost four times before needing a top-up. Both USB ports are quick charging so you can still use your device while you charge. Better still, it has an AC/DC port for boosting your laptop or any other device at the same time!

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