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Soon App Screenshot

SOON is less of a productivity tool and more like a digital bucket list. Fill up your lists and the app scrapes information about entries to spice up your list. It even offers context-based notifications and social sharing options. While it might not help you work harder, it will help you make the most of your free time.

Distracted in 2016? Reboot Your Phone with Mindfulness


Smartwatch Drawn on Arm with Inkpen

Smart phones are great--but they’re also distracting. This article offers simple tips for organizing your phone, settings you can tweak to eliminate distractions and life hacks to get more out of your phone usage.



Walli Smart Wallet Product Image

With only a couple days left to go on Kickstarter, the Walli has more than quadrupled its pledge goal. What’s all the fuss? It’s a wallet that integrates with an app on your phone! It will notify you if you misplace a card, you can tap your phone to find your wallet and it’s shielded from RFID skimmers for added security.

‘Wi-Fi Whisperer’ Siphons Your Data in the Creepiest Way Possible


Wi-Fi Whisperer Screenshot

Even if you stick to trusted app stores are careful with your usage, your phone still leaks information. This article discusses a recent experiment that skimmed information sent from the phones of Moogfest attendees. It might make you think twice about connecting to that Wi-Fi hotspot again!

Zen and the Art of Managing Smartphone Photos


With the rise of smartphones and social media, we’ve become a picture-obsessed world. After only one-year, Google Photos is storing more than 13 PETABYTES of images. But how do you organize your digital photos to find them later? This article suggests, maybe you shouldn’t. Instead embrace intelligent storage options and apps--such as Google Photos or The Roll.

To Break a Phone Addiction, Turn Your Screen Gray


Greyscale vs Color iPhone Homescreen Comparison

Though the video is tongue-in-cheek, the benefits are real. Your phones grab your attention and encourage interaction by design. This clip from The Atlantic proposes a simple fix--turn your screen to gray scale. The video offers easy instructions for iOS users. Looking for Android instructions? This Reddit thread has you covered!

Science Journal


Science Lab App Screenshot

Google has released an app to take advantage of all those fancy sensors in your phone FOR SCIENCE! The app measures acceleration, ambient light and sound intensity. Further updates are promised to expand options. It’s an Android exclusive for now but hopefully there’s an iOS edition on the horizon.

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