Gift Ideas: Pre-Paid Phones

No contract? No problem. Get a great phone with no strings attached. Check out these top picks.

If the idea of commitment turns you off, you’ll be turned right back on with these selections of quality phones that do not require any bonding with a carrier! Be free and mobile without the worry of a monthly bill.


LG 385

From $99.95

lg 385 holiday pick

The LG 385 is an attractive, comfortable flip featuring a camera, video camera, external display, spacious alphanumeric keypad and a microSD slot allowing for up to 4GB of additional memory. The LG 385 also features Bluetooth, mobile browser and 2-way speakerphone.

Affordable, attractive and full of features you'll really use and enjoy.

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Samsung J706

From $99.99

The Samsung J706 is one of our favorites. Why? First, its an attractive phone that weighs only 85 grams and measures 10.0 x 4.8 x 1.5 cm. Second, because its quad-band GSM brains means the phone will work around the world, making it a great phone for travel.

Other features include a 128 x 160 pixel display, 1,000 contact address book, FM radio, MMS, alarm, speakerphone, Bluetooth, web access and a 1.3MP camera with 4X zoom.

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LG Rumor

From $129.99

lg rumor holiday pick

The LG Rumor is a great choice for people who plan to do lots of texting! It sports a spacious, full slide-out QWERTY keyboard that's easy to use, features a 2" inch display with excellent resolution, camera, camcorder, microSD memory expansion up to 4GB and Bluetooth.

The LG Rumor packs lots of useful features into this clever phone. From its MP3 player to its quality speakerphone, this device is fun and functional.

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Gift Ideas: Camera / Music Phones

Simplify! Browse phones that take great pictures and play your favorite songs.

You want what?? A camera? A jukebox? And a phone? Okay! We can do that!! Check out these phones which can handle a picture-perfect moment AND a monster concert all at the touch of a key.


Samsung A436

From $19.99

samsung a436 holiday pick

The Samsung A436 is a comfortable clamshell quad band world phone that features an external display, camera and a familiar alphanumeric keypad that’s easy on the fingers. This flip is the perfect choice for someone looking for a durable, reliable phone with no learning curve. The A436 offers an address book, alarm, stopwatch, Bluetooth, speakerphone and more. With the A436 you can enjoy good call quality, text, email and MMS.

Samsung A436 Details | Where to Buy



LG Shine

From $49.99

lg shine holiday pick

If you are looking for style and fun, the LG Shine offers both. The Shine is an attractive flip phone with a brushed stainless steel finish, 2.0 megapixel camera, video calling and Bluetooth. The Shine packs functionality into a fun form factor. Rounding out the feature set is a music player and a microSD memory slot so you'll always have room for your favorite songs.

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Nokia 5310

From $69.99

nokia 5310 christmas pick

Available in red or blue, the Nokia 5310 has a focus on music without sacrificing functionality in others important areas. The Nokia 5310 boasts external dedicated music controls, so you're never more than a click away from your favorite songs. In fact, with the Nokia 5310 you can record up to 20 hours of music. A microSD slot allows you to expand your 5310 up to 4GB.

The Nokia 5310 features a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you have many choices when selecting headphones. Also included is an FM radio, stero Bluetooth and an excellent 2" display. This is a fun phone from a fine company and one to consider if you enjoy taking your music with you wherever you go.

Nokia 5310 | Where to Buy



LG Vu TU915

From $79.99

lg vu buyers guide pick

If you are excited about trading up to a quality touch screen, the feature-rich LG Vu is one to consider. It has a beautiful 3" screen that fills the entire face of the phone, a virtual QWERTY keypad that maks texting simple and fun, a 2 megapixel camer with autofocus, 120MB of internal memory and a microSD slot for folks who plan to store lots of games and pictures.

What really makes the LG Vu an exciting phone is it's full HTML brower, which allows you to view the internet the way it was meant to be seen. Web pages show great on this phone and you'll find yourself visiting your favorite sites all the time.

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Motorola RAZR VE20

From $99.99

motorola razr ve20 buyers guide pick

The motorola RAZR remains the number one selling phone, and the VE20 continues the tradition of "thin is in" with this thin and light stainless steel phone that's packed with features.

In this latest version of the RAZR you get a complete entry-level feature set, including 600 name address book, alarm, calendar, calculator, and speakerphone. Layered on top of that set of features, you also receive Bluetooth, USB connection, 3.5mm jack (for regular headphones), 2.0MP still / video camera. Rounding out the features is an integrated MP3 player with expandable memory slot up to 5MB.

Motorola RAZR VE20 Details | Where to Buy



Gift Ideas: Smartphones

Work Smart, not hard. These smartphones bring the office to the palm of your hand.

Can you correct a word document, enhance an Excel spreadsheet and respond to email while in the drive-thru of your favorite fast-food restaurant? Well, these phones can!


Samsung Jack

From $24.99

samsung jack cell phone

If you are looking for a PDA phone but didn’t think you could afford one, check out the Samsung Jack. Running at the fastest speeds available (HSPDA), the Samsung Jack provides outstanding multi-media capabilities, a 2.0 megapixel camera and comes loaded with Microsoft Mobile 6.0. The Samsung Jack is a powerful tool that is easy to use. And texters will appreciate the full QWERTY keypad and its thoughtful design.

The Samsung Jack is packed with features. You get built-in GPS, Bluetooth, text messaging with T9 capability, MMS, speakerphone and much more. You can even sync your Samsung Jack with your PC. If you plan to mix business with fun, think about the Samsung Jack.

Samsung A436 Details | Where to Buy



BlackBerry Curve 8330

From $99.95

blackberry curve 8830 holiday pick

There's never been a better time to be a BlackBerry fan. And this season you have more choices than ever. One BlackBerry in particular, the Curve, is a very powerful device. It allows you to receive your email instantly, surf the internet, text, MMS, forward articles to friends with just a couple clicks, and much more.

The Curve has a 3.5mm jack to you can take full advantage of its media player. Take great pictures with its 2 megapixel camera, shoot video, listen to music, create and view scrapbooks. The BlackBerry Curve also features a full QWERTY keypad with textured knobby keys that are easy to use.

The Curve also features a large, high resolution screen that is easy on the eyes. Keep in mind that there are a great many applications available for the Curve to make it even more useful and fun!

BlackBerry Curve 8330 Details | Where to Buy



Samsung Instinct

From $129.95

holiday pick samsung instinct

The Samsung Instinct boasts a very large 3.1" touchscreen with haptic feedback. It practically fills the front of the device and looks teriffic. This touchscreen is your launch point to go wherever you want. Various dedicated icons allow you one click access to your email, the internet, your music and much more.

The Instinct offers a full HTML browser, which means you can view the internet the way it's meant to be seen. It comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera, video recorder, 600-entry address book, personal organizer, voice memo recorder and microSD memory expandability up to 8GB.

If you're looking at making a big, fun upgrade to your current phone and like touchscreens, take a look at the Samsung Instinct.

Samsung Instinct Details | Where to Buy



HTC Touch Pro


htc touch pro holiday buyers guide pick

The HTC Touch Pro offers a large, 2.8" 480 x 640 pixel display, full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Touch Flo 3D finger-swipe navigation and much, much more. This is one of the most talked about phones of the year. Powerful, fun and easy to use, this phone is definately one that has it all.

The HTC Touch Pro comes with 288 megabytes of RAM, buit-in GPS, stereo FM radio, MP3 player and pre-loaded productivity programs including Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note. And all of these great features run courtesy of MS Mobile 6.1 Professional.

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Apple iPhone 3G

From $199.99

apple iphone holiday pick

And then there is the famous standard bearer, the phone that started the touchscreen revolution - the iPhone! All others are measured against this wonderful phone.

The iPhone 3G makes interacting with the device just plain fun! Its Safari browser provides a full HTML web experience, and the large 3.5" 480 x 320 pixel resolution display makes everything look awesome. It runs on the 3G network, so it loads pages faster than its predecessor, comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera, video recorder, MP3 player, WiFi, and all the other cool features you would expect in the number one touchscreen phone.

What makes the iPhone especially exciting is that an entire industry has sprung up to develop teriffic applications that can be added to your iPhone with a simple click. Some are free and some have a fee.

Like many Apple products, the iPhone philosophy was to make technical stuff simple and fun. Everything about the iPhone is intuitive, easy and logical. A great phone.

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BlackBerry Storm


blackberry storm holiday gift guide selection

The much anticipated BlackBerry Storm has arrived just in time for the holidays and a lot of people are talking! The Storm is the current flagship BlackBerry device, with a feature set that is hard to beat.

The Storm boasts a very large 3.25" 480 x 360 pixel display, making it one of the finest high resolution screens on the market today. This is an innovative, clickable touchscreen and truly fun to use. The Storm also features a full HTML browser, an impressive 3.2 megapixel camera, video recorder, email, media player and much more.

Rounding out the large feature set is built-in GPS, 3.5mm stereo jack to really maximize your music, speakerphone and soon you'll be able to add to your Storm with a planned BlackBerry application store due to launch early next year. RIM has invested a lot of time and effort to produce this device and plans to support it with hundreds of downloadable applications.

If you are looking for the best money can buy, many would argue that the BlackBerry Storm is far and away the best choice currently available.

BlackBerry Storm Details | Where to Buy



Gift Ideas: Cell Phone Accessories

Get the most out of your new phone with these great accessories.

To get the most out of your new cell phone you may want to consider accessorizing. Some accessories have practically become essential, such as memory cards, cases and car chargers. Others, such as high-end Bluetooth stereo headsets are, well, just plain cool. Below we feature a mix of must haves and wish list items that may end up on your shopping list.


Google Mobile


google mobile

Google Mobile offers a suite of outstanding mobile applications that are fun, free and easy-to-use. Get Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube and more right on your phone. Google makes it easy to launch these great applications directly from your phone’s home screen. Just click on the appropriate icon and off you go!

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OtterBox Cases

From $12.99

otterbox phone case

If you’re looking for some serious protection for your phone, Otterbox offers the last word in protective cases. Otterbox uses a multi-layer approach to afford the most protection for your device: A thermal formed protective membrane, high-impact polycarbonate shell, and a silicon skin work together to protect your phone from dust, shock and the elements, while allowing you total access to all buttons and features.

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Sandisk 1GB 3-in-1 Memory Card

From $29.99

sandisk 3 in 1 memory card

This 1GB memory card from Sandisk gives you plenty of room to store songs, pictures, video and more. With the included adapters, the Sandisk 1GB memory card fits any device that accepts micro, mini or full size SD memory. This is a great solution for phones that do not connect directly to a PC. Just use the appropriate adapter and upload files from your phone to your PC in a snap!

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Aliph Jawbone 2 Headset

From $89.99

aliph jawbone 2 holiday selection

The Aliph Jawbone 2 is an outstanding headset solution for folks looking for clear sound and no wires. Offering comfort and style, the Aliph Jawbone 2 provides crisp, clear sound through cutting-edge noise cancelation and voice enhancement technologies. Unlike most headsets, the Jawbone 2 has no volume buttons. Instead it automatically adjusts the volume based on the environment. Available in matte black, silver and rose gold, the Jawbone 2 comes with ear loops, ear bud covers, AC power adapter and USB charging cable. If you are looking for a high-quality Bluetooth headset, the Aliph Jawbone 2 is one to consider.

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Jaybird JB-200 Headset

From $129.99

jaybird jb200 bluetooth headset

The Jaybird JB-200 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is designed for use with streaming music, phone calls and media player functions, and does a great job with each. The headset is water and sweat resistant, and has built-in noise suppression technology to provide remarkable, clear sound. Designed and engineered for the sports enthusiast, the JB-200 rests so comfortable on the ears you’ll almost forget you have them on. The JB-200 is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones, gaming devices and PCs. If you want superior stereo sound this headset delivers.

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Note: Please check your phones specifications to determine which accessories will work properly.



Well there you have it. Our selection of phones for the 2008 holiday season. Keep in mind that carriers offer considerable discounts when you sign a contract. Remember: Decide what you want your new phone to do, then let form follow function.

Above all, happy shopping and have a safe New Year!