blackberry pop

1. Better Looking Email
Shortly after I purchased my new Blackberry Pearl, I found that my emails left something to be desired. They were filled with symbols, characters, links galore; it was all too much and made reading my email unpleasant at best.

To solve this problem I purchased BBSmart Email Viewer and now my emails are displayed on my screen in easy to read fashion, complete with pictures, photos, varied fonts and clearly defined links. BBSmart Email Viewer integrates seamlessly into your Blackberry. You don't have to do a thing. It also allows your to customize the background color of your emails, the colors of your headers, font selection and more. Well worth the one time price of $24.99.

2. A Smart RSS Reader
Being an avid news hound, I wanted a way to receive news feeds directly to my device. Enter Viiggo, an amazing RSS news aggregator that provides you with dozens of customizable news feeds, and within each feed are many articles. Easy to use, easy to update, you'll never be out of the news loop with this free and wonderful application.

3. A Mobile Surveillance Tool
Did you know you can turn your Blackberry into a mobile surveillance device? All you need is a webcam on your home PC and Mobiscope does the rest, providing you with real time feeds. Motion activated, Mobiscope even sends your email alerts!

4. A Decent Web Browser
If you add Minuet to your Blackberry, you can surf the internet in rick HTML. For just $19.99 this application allows you to create bookmarks of your favorite websites and other customizable features.

And there is so much more! Real time stocks, local weather, games, graphical attachment boosters, email templates for fast email responses.

How about free wallpapers, themes and ringtones? How about free trials of many of the applications listed above? You can visit our friends at for information on all of these applications.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Blackberry Poppin'!