There isn't much in this world that can give you quite the level of sophistication like knowing your wine.

While some people have spent their whole lives tasting and pairing wines, the majority of us don't have the tastebuds or memory to remember all the different types and brands.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of wine apps available for both Android and iPhone.

Below are five of the best apps for the wine aficionado.

Hello Vino

hello vino

If you're looking for a wine and food pairing app, look no further. Hello Vino basically acts as your own personal and portable sommelier. If you already have a couple bottles of wine at home, you can pair these up with food....maybe to create a romantic dinner for your special some one.

If you don't have any wine, you can search the database for wine based on taste preference, type/variety and occasion. To find the best stuff you can check blogger reviews for all listed wines in the database and make a personal wish list. Never bring bad wine to a party every again!

As with most other wine apps, Hello Vino allows you to take pictures of the wine label that you particularly liked and share it with your friends.

The UI is pretty easy to navigate and there are plenty of different wine varieties in their database to suit almost every need.

Price: Free
Download: for Android


vivino app

With over one million wines in the database, Vivino is definitely one of the best wine apps available for Android. While the app does give wine pairing suggestions, the app is really meant to track all the wines you have had. Simply take a picture of a wine label and Vivino will search for it within their database. From there you can comment, rate, read notes and even find nearby locations that sell the wine.

Aside from this, you can also connect with your friends and discover what they are drinking. If you know that your friends generally have good taste you can add wines that they enjoy to your own wish list. The app is free to download, however for those that want the best support, Vivino offers a $4.99 pro version.

Price: Free
Download: for Android

The Wine Coach

wine coach app

If you're looking to learn more about wine, check out the Wine Coach. The app features a different wine picks each week, video and audio podcasts and a varietal grape guide. If this isn't enough, you can also submit questions and label pictures via email and save your favorite wines to your mobile "wine rack."

There's a plethora of information here and it's a great app for anyone who wants to really learn why certain wines should go with different food and how to properly taste wine.

Price: Free
Download: for Android

Wine Secretary

wine secretary

If you want just one single wine app, the Wine Secretary is perhaps one of the best all-in-one wine apps. You can keep an extensive wine diary, search all the wines listed in the app and read user reviews, learn wine vocabulary and share your wine experiences via social media sites. The wine diary is also flexible enough that you can keep tasting notes on other items like beer and olive oil.

In order to keep your wine collection safe, the Wine Secretary allows you to backup the information to Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, etc. The Wine Secretary has an archive of over one million ratings, reviews and prices to help you with your next purchase. You can easily search through all the wines by varietals, country, taste preference, year and more.

Price: Free
Download: for Android


winepoynt app

While relatively new to the app store, Winepoynt has the advantage of being a personalized wine app. It shares many similar features of most wine apps; you can keep track of all the wines you've tasted, take notes and pictures, find wine pairings, share your experiences with friends and create wishlists.

What makes this app stand out, however is that it "learns" from your ratings and can give you personalized wine recommendations based on where you are. So even if you are out of the state, the app can show you what shops near you are selling wines you may like.

This is an excellent app for novice wine drinkers as it can help you to refine your tastes and find the exact wine that suits your palate. Since the app is relatively new there aren't as many wines or shops as many of the other wine apps, however the database is continually growing.

Price: Free
Download: for Android

Whether you're a wine aficionado or want to become one, these apps will improve your wine knowledge and help you impress your dinner dates.

Try out one or all of them to see which one best suits your needs.