A Samsung Galaxy S5 is Coming! Here's What We Know So Far
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Samsung says it will release the much anticipated Galaxy S5 by mid April, according to an interview Bloomberg conducted with Samsung Mobile.

Here's what we're hearing so far:

It will arrive alongside a new smartwatch 
The Galaxy S5 will be released along with a new version of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, according to Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung Mobile.“When we release our S5 device, you can also expect a Gear successor with more advanced functions, and the bulky design will also be improved,” Hee said.

An eye scanner might be onboard 
The Galaxy S5 may include an eye-scanner. “We are studying the possibility but can’t really say whether we will have it or not on the S5,” Hee said.

The design and build quality are set to improve 
The Galaxy S5 will make a big jump in quality build materials over both the S3 and S4. In the Bloomberg interview, Hee stated that consumers didn’t notice much of a difference in the look and feel between the S3 and S4. “For the S5, we will go back to the basics. Mostly, it’s about the display and the feel of the cover,” Hee said.

You can get it in metal or plastic 
The flagship phone will come in both a plastic and metal version. One using the traditional polycarbonate body, and the other aluminium.

So there it is…for now. We’ll pass along updates as we get them. Whatever the Galaxy S5 ends up looking like, the battle between Samsung and Apple will surely continue for the foreseeable future.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Samsung will not unveil the next Galaxy S smartphone at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015.
  • According to an Italian journalist citing "reliable source", the next Samsung Galaxy flagship will launch in mid-March at an event in London.
  • It’s believed that the device could begin shipping to consumers as early as April.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S-series franchisee has been competing head to head with Apple’s iPhone, and internet speculation has been strong as to what whiz-bang goodies Samsung plans to pack into the S5.

Other sources

Rumors – we deal with tons of them on a daily basis. Some of them do turn out to be true, while others end up being totally wrong. This one, however, is being reported by a pretty reliable source. - Phone Arena  
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