We’re a bit skeptical about this new rumor floating around, but it does pose some very logical arguments that we can’t help musing at the possibility that this actually might be true. As we all know by now, Rogers and Fido are currently the only mobile carriers offering the iPhone 3G S in Canada. However, there’s talk that Telus will be carrying the iPhone 3G S as well later this year, in October to be exact.


Considering that Telus is a CDMA-only carrier and the iPhone 3G S is a GSM phone, you don’t exactly need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why this whole scenario is a bit far fetched. Nonetheless, it was divulged that, apparently, Rogers doesn’t necessarily have exclusive rights to the iPhone 3G S in Canada which opens the door for other carriers to sell the Apple mobile phone in the country. Likewise, given that Telus is also working double time to put up their HSPA network (which is a GSM-based network), it's now a bit more plausible of this actually happening in the future.

As usual, being that this is still just a rumor, we’re taking this with a grain of salt, but wouldn’t it be more beneficial for Canadian subscribers if this were true? Anyway, we'll leave at that for the time being. Rest assured, however, we’ll report more on this once we get more concrete evidence on the matter.