Shaq's Shoe Phone
When you are 7-foot-1, 340 pounds, and are a millionaire you can do whatever the heck you want, including put a cell phone in your basketball shoe.

Shaquille O'Neal showed up last Sunday at the NBA All-Star game with his new modified basketball shoes. The unspecified cell phone is mounted in the sole of the right shoe, the antenna comes out of the toe.

"I wanted to wear it in a game," O'Neal said, "and I get fouled and I wanted my father to call me on the free-throw line and I'd say, 'Yes sir. Follow through? OK.'"

But the shoe phone hasn't been practical. When he wore the shoe in his house, "I stepped on it and crushed it," he said.

Nelly (pictured right) took the opportunity to make/take a call during the game. Let's hope for Nelly's sake that Shaq's left shoe is fitted with a wet napkin dispenser.