Paris Hilton's Sidekick
T-Mobile's forensic experts and the FBI have been putting in the hours trying to determine just how Paris Hilton's Sidekick (pictured right) was hacked.

The potential security hole would be another blow for T-Mobile who had their systems intruded into before.

There are a few theories of how someone gathered all Paris' information and posted them to the Internet.

The first, and most scary for T-Mobile employees and shareholders, is a security gap like that which twenty-one year-old Nicolas Jacobsen used to access T-Mobile's 16 million plus customers.

The second theory is that Paris' password was stolen or absent-mindedly given to someone.

The most recent theory is the most plausible and embarrassing for both T-Mobile and Paris.

T-Mobile allows forgetful customers to change their password by answering a security question. Apparently, all that stood between the hackers and Hilton's account was the question: "What is your favorite pet's name?"

T-Mobile has been made aware of this and has since upped Paris' level of security to: "What's is your mother's maiden name?"

Joking aside, why isn't the security of this Monty Python-esque challenge question doubled up by sending a confirmation email to the account holder?

By the way, her dog's name is Tinkerbell and her mother's maiden name is Kathy Richards (23 keystrokes and 1 click to find this information).