SMS embroidery
Think cross-stiching is for grandma? Think again. Kate Pemberton, a UK-based geek and artist, is bringing the traditional craft to cell phones. Her embroidered designs are intended to be used on mobile phones as sms messages or wallpapers. The gallery, coming soon, will feature 30 framed embroideries in total, all hung together in a grid.

In Kate's words: "Texting is quick and has [largely] replaced the act of sending a card -- Happy Birthday images for example. If something is stitched by hand by the message sender, there is a lot of emotion attached... someone has stitched feelings there, using up much time and patience. Texting is flippant... however we may be more likely to send texts to people who we may not send cards to! There are other ideas within the work about the role of the female image in technology and the correlation between pixel art and traditional cross-stitch."

Kate's work can be found at . The SMS embroideries are in the catalog section. Be sure to check them out!