It’s not surprising that Sony Ericsson is working on an X2 smartphone as a follow-up to their initial XPERIA offering, the X1, but at least we now have a bit of confirmation that it will still run on Windows Mobile.


Skyhook’s Ted Morgan revealed in an interview with GigaOM that they lost out in a bid to supply the Windows Mobile-powered X2 to Google. So, apart from getting confirmation that Windows Mobile is still part of the package, we also now know that it will take advantage of Google’s services as far as location-services are concerned. We’re still not sure if it will be Windows Mobile 6.1 or the new 6.5 version running the show in this new XPERIA mobile phone, but we’re at least certain that their first Android phone won’t be the X2.

That’s about it for now, but hopefully, we’ll get some more juicy details in the coming months as well as a leaked image to spice things up even further.