Nokia’s follow up to their highly successful E71 is finally official. The Nokia E63 has just been announced by the number one mobile phone manufacturer in the world and is expected to become available in time for the holidays.

It’s a toned down version of the E71, trading in its classy stainless steel body parts for a more common plastic. However, make no mistake that the E63 is still a very capable business phone. It’s got WiFi, Bluetooth, and of course, a full QWERTY keypad so messaging on the go won’t be a problem. It likewise features a 2-megapixel camera, 110MB internal memory, mircoSD card slot, and the ability to switch from business mode to personal mode in just a single press of a button. Now that’s one feature you won’t find in any other E-series phone. Nokia is also tossing in 1GB of Ovi file storage when the E63 finally hits stores. Unfortunately, the Finnish company decided to skip out on 3G connectivity on this which will be disappointing for some but does help keep the price lower.

As to exactly when and where it will debut, that remains unanswered but we’re guessing it’ll hit Europe and Asia before heading for the North American region. A 199 Euro price, excluding taxes and subsidies, has already been divulged which translates to roughly $255 carrier-free. If it lives up to the reputation of the E71, then the E63 is definitely good value for your money.