Orange iPhone 2.0

French gadget site GenerationMP3 is claiming they have a source that confirms Orange is testing the next generation iPhone or iPhone 3G. GMP3 also said the iPod Touch will not only have 3G but GPS as well. Then Crunch Gear drops the biggest bomb of them all: Apple will be releasing an entire line of Apple Phones. An iPhone Shuffle sans the video playback capabilities, and then iPhone Pro or Max, which carries a battery that triples the capacity of the current iPhone.

Of course, the iPhone Max will have to compromise on the slim factor adding precious mm to its thickness. A super slim (6.2mm) is also under development. It has the same screen size as the current model but it comes with very basic functionality and 4GB of storage. Sounds plausible. Hopefully, the $159 price tag of this basic Apple Phone won't come with an exclusive contract.

Update: No entire lineup of iPhones but a 3G iPhone is reality and France is one of the lucky countries who'll get one.