BlackBerry in Bowl of Rice

The BlackBerry wasn't entirely saved, but after Ernesto Londoño, staff writer at the Washington Post, dropped his BlackBerry Pearl in the toilet. Oddly, he didn't care that much that his BlackBerry wasn't working. Maybe it was a company phone, he's been at the Post a few months. What he was worried about was that he met this girl and they had made plans for a date, which he had to finalize. Her number was in his BlackBerry and he didn't write it down on paper or made a backup in his PC.

Londoño tried to blow dry the phone using his roommate's blow dryer. The phone wouldn't start. Then he called a friend, who suggested he dip it in a uncooked rice. Rice draws moisture. Well, it worked but only long enough for him to retrieve the number. The phone is forever ruined but, apparently, every time he dips it in uncooked rice overnight it would return to life if very briefly.