The Meizu M8 could've come straight out of Steve Jobs' nightmare. It has an awesome 3.3-inch 720×480 pixel touch screen display with a Meizu M8UI that I expect could be marketed as poor man's iPhone with great success.

The phone measures 57×105x11.5-mm and enjoys 3G connectivity, which goes to show how easy it would've been for Apple to get the iPhone some too, but why didn't they?

The M8, besides being an obvious iPhone clone, is everything the iPhone should've been:

- 3 MP camera phone
- video recorder with an ARM11 CPU
- available this year

Note: Meizu already has an iPod copycat product out in the market with the M6 MP3 player, touted as the iPod killer.

Like Apple, Meizu has its own devoted fans, who have put up this fan site. Who knows, maybe they even have their own Chinese Steve Jobs.