Nexus One Gingerbread updateHot off the heels of the Nexus S’ announcement, rumors started to surface that Nexus One owners were starting to get their Android 2.3 Gingerbread OTA update. Quite surprising since Google hardly rolls out any major firmware update this early after it’s been officially launched. It’s a plausible idea – Nexus One owners gets priority cue in global release of the Gingerbread update – but an unlikely scenario.

Our skepticism over this bit of news was further justified when no less than Google’s own Reto Meier confirmed that the Android 2.3 OTA update for the Nexus One is not yet out. He reveals over Twitter than it “should be coming in a few weeks.

Reo Meier Tweet

So now that we know that everybody's still on equal footing, let's begin our Gingerbread update countdown.