small phoneThis fantastic Chinese-made cellphone has touchscreen and an MP3 player and is unofficially the smallest handset in the world. You can even buy it through this website for only $235 with $15 shipping anywhere in the world.

We would love handset manufacturers to give attention to the overall size of a cellphone rather than obsess all the time with width. We've featured the Haier Black Pearl way back in October. We haven't seen another brand join in the race for small.

The Xun Chi 138 (or Xunchi 138) actually came out before Haier's Black Pearl boasting of dimensions so compact it almost becomes a inverted form of aggression (think monster truck but in the negative because this is the world of geeks). It weights 55 grams or ten grams lighter than the Haier. At 2.64 inches long, it's also considerably more compact.

This is Chinese made and would've been given more credit if, say, Sony Ericsson made it. It's a dual band GSM phone that works in Europe, Asia and Australia. There's an invisible barrier around the U.S. territory that somehow keeps this little gem from working there, so too bad for Americans who have been looking for a handset of just the size of the Xunchi 138. GPRS, a VGA camera with video recording and an MP3 player have been fitted in along with a WAP browser, MMS and a touchscreen and possibly a whole array of spying technologies, which explains the lack of connectivity in the U.S.