mobilcasts mobile podcastsRogers Wireless became the first North American carrier to offer a mobile podcast service today. Powered by Melodeo's (not to be confused with Odeo) Mobilcast, Rogers customers can get podcasts delivered directly to their mobile phone.

Getting podcasts onto a music phone has been possible for a while now, but Mobilcast is unique because it enables you to download podcasts directly to your phone over-the-air, avoiding your PC all together.

What sort of podcasts?

There are about 1,500 of them so far across a variety of categories like business, travel and our personal favorite, technology (Engadget, are you listening?). Unfortunately there isn't a directory of podcasts online, but you can of course search the entire catalog from your phone once the software is installed. If you're a podcaster who is not yet included in the directory, you can go ahead and submit your feed for inclusion.

What phones will it work with?

The following Rogers phones: Motorola ROKR, Motorola RAZR, Motorola V360, Sony Ericsson W600.

How much?

$5 per month.

That's it?

Fat chance. Podcasts are big files and its going to cost you a small boat load to pull them down each time over-the-air. We recommend you invest is a good data plan!

Sign me up.

You can learn a bit more at or get started immediately from your phone's mobile web browser menu.


1. "My Subscriptions" or
2. Get "Music&Tones">"Featured" and then select "Podcasts" or
3. "Get Info" then select "Podcasts".

I'm not from Canada

Sorry to hear about that. Don't worry though, if you've got a data plan (better be an unlimited one!) and a compatiable phone, you're good to go.