Sas and Colin ChristianSan Francisco has long been a haven for all things “underground”, including art. In the trendy bohemian South of Market District, one art gallery, START SOMA has emerged and stood far out from the rest. Its philosophy is simple: Emerging Artists, Original Art, Affordable.

START SOMA has taken this philosophy and applied it to a new venture: Art for your cell phone. Wait, it’s actually a pretty cool idea.

You know what its like to get a swanky new celly, begin the customization process and realize that you only have four choices for wall-paper. You look closely at them all, and settle on the least lame of the four.

You don’t have to walk around with that picture of a chick in a yellow bikini bending over a thunderbird. You can actually get some real art!

S FaustinaIf you are going to be in San Francisco in January, you might want to check out the START SOMA mobile art exhibit.

This art is not to be found in your father’s art collection. It’s urban. It’s edgy. It’s angry.

Be the first kid on your block to have cool wallpaper on your cell phone; but remember where you got it, because everyone else is going to want it too.

Oh, and the best part? It only costs $1.99

Get it here.

START SOMA, the San Francisco gallery for emerging artists, today announced the launch of START MOBILE, becoming the first retail art gallery in the world to sell NEW ART for cell phones. Curated by START SOMA founder John Doffing, THOUSANDS of original works of NEW ART from HUNDREDS of the world’s most prominent emerging + underground artists can now be downloaded onto mobile phones across the United States

“Cell phone wallpaper has long been limited to banal graphics, contrived iconography, and blurry clip-art of models in bikinis,” according to Doffing. “With the launch of START MOBILE, we are bringing some absolutely amazing original artwork to a brand new medium.”